Lock Your Cranium; The Freeslave Done Quit the Plantation

I was talking to this fine little philly today about expression, blogging, when it occurred to me that this – writing to my public, to the MF’ing universe – is the only antidote for the Invisible Man Blues. Its hard being a black man in Portland, OR especially one who’s not from here, one who’s been further than Lloyd Center or the Park Blocks. There’s suspicion on either side of the colorline when you walk that line between the races: “Mr. In-Between.” Segregation City, hah-lay-loo-ya!!

I wear the psychic bruises of this saltine culture like Purple Hearts, but the good news is that there are fields of epaulet wearing soljahs; they just haven’t figured out the war is on. ‘But I ain’t takin’ it no mo’! Underground Railroad where is ya when I needs ya. Its cold out in these here woods, nobody ta talk to, no food, nor confort. I guess bark will have ta do.’

Bark, that’s what’s missing these dark days in Amerikka – a bark or some backbone from the righteous left. To quote the philospher, Nas, “who’s world is this….the world is YOURS!!” But cha’ll don’t hear me though. Its a shit sandwich we’re being fed… why have so many so called pink lefties mistaken it for a tuna melt?

My theory: America is a cesspool of racism; the groundwater of the country is blood red, stained in Tribes disappeared,
‘blue- black’ African people raped white/red/yellow/beige/ecru/doo-doo brown. These crimes have never been paid.

“We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.”

White Supremacy, the ultimate religion of the US, is the watery theology that permeates every institution and orifice of America. The white liberal/radical/anarchist/’fill- in- the- blank’ has been bathed and succored in his or her superiority just as thorougly as the backwoods weed whacker. The beauty of this epsom salted indoctrination is that, it to is invisible, the poison is delivered in code, in symbol mostly and explicitly only when necessary. This racist ether, the noxious hot springs that spiritually suffocate people of color here in PDX on a daily basis, does not even ruffle the nostril feathers of white Portland.

Thus, mine eyes have obseved the complete gulf in reality between black and white – where the sighted try to describe to the blind, ‘Color’, and the blind authoratatively deny even its existence. And then accuse those with sight of just imagining it!!!

Until ya’ll (I MEAN WHITE FOLKS) wake up and realize you’ve been bodysnatched by your culture, that your minds have been racially & racistly colonized, that you have been tarred and feathered in white supremacy, but all the tar and feathers are on the inside, you will continue to allow the likes of George Bush to rule. He’s in power right now – DRUM ROLL PLEASE – because whites at the end of the day know in their marrow that he’s gonna cover white supremacy like a card shark covering an Ace in Vegas. Racism/White Supremacy is the last thing he’s gonna outsource. Whites of every political stripe know this intuitively and will only feign opposition as long as their privileged bread is being spread with that tasty white jam.

Can I get an AMEN?!

3 Responses to “Lock Your Cranium; The Freeslave Done Quit the Plantation”

  1. AMEN 🙂
    Hi Julian! cool blog space. Looking forward to reading your thoughts, I hope you’ll post some poetry too!

  2. It’s me, Pattrice. I can’t say “Amen” since, quiet as it’s kept, even some Black churches were encouraging folks to vote for Bush in order to protect us all from the terrible threat of gay marriage. But I will say “right on!” and add that I’m looking forward to more of Julian’s deep purple prose. On the Plymouth Rock tip, check out my recent article about Thanksgiving at http://www.pressaction.com/news/weblog/full_article/jones11222004/

  3. Hey, Julian. I like the way you write. More people need to be talking about the quiet racism of Portland. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about blogging and I’ll try to find an answer for you.–>

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