Voices From The (H)Edge

So, I was on KBOO radio’s ‘Voices From the Edge’ talk show yesterday morning. Edge of what, they do not say, but I’d hazard that it’s the edge of …convention…redundancy…edge of…reason…more like…banality? It seems that in order to have a talk radio program at KBOO, one must inhabit an intellectual shoebox, that precludes vision, understanding, openness, awareness. Evidentally, lefty talk jocks must poke out their self critical/analytical eye in order to grip the mike.

“I’m sorry, sir, I’m lost, can you tell me where I can find the optical store, “MYOPIA?”

NOW, to be fair, I was invited onto the show by one of the salt and pepper co-hosts, a person who I find personally very warm, passionate and good natured. However….both host’s political perspective is about as broad as the sewer pipe that burst in my lawn twice in 2002. The civil rights hymn, “We shall not be moved” was not meant to apply to our brains, was it?

Here’s one antidote: I’m developing a new product, “Senna Think,” a brain laxative that we’re marketing to the local civil rights and social justice advocacy and media groups. Our ad jingle will be sung to the tune of “Georgia (On My Mind)” by the late, great Ray Charles. We’ll market it door to door at KBOO, the Portland Allliance, the Peaceworker, the Skanner and Observer, the Medium, and to all the homes of the sad sacks still sporting Kerry/Edwards yard signs.

Malcolm X in his famous “Message To The Grassroots” speech talked about there being a “Black” Revolution and a “Knee-gro” Revolution during the 1960’s. The Knee-gros were integrationists and sought to pull blacks up to the table of injustice, imperialism and racism, to get a “piece of the action for us, while leaving in place the criminal structure of the US. The Black Revolutionaries in the States, and in the African colonies, sought to overturn the system of imperialism, injustice and racism and attempted to create new, more just societies.

If social justice activists are talking reform, when revolution is necessary…when they talk marches against war, when we should be throwing our bodies into and taking our money out of the machine of war so that it can’t operate (Mario Savio)…then that’s a traitor talking. A traitor to humanity. A traitor to justice.

The good news: There are people out there, out here, who are thinking, who can think globally and locally, think personally and politically – simultaneously. I’ve talked to folks who wear their race, their political beliefs, their ideology – loosely – people who can and do question EVERYTHING, including their most deeply held assumptions. They possess a wisdom that never seems to make it on air or on the page. But there aren’t many of them.

There are ALSO, some people imbued with such a spirit and sense of justice, that they are willing to SACRIFICE – not just syllabically – but materially, to make “justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Meditation for the Day: In recovery, there is a saying, “surrender and win.” The addict will not get help, will not recover, until he first admits complete defeat. Any reservation or doubt could lead back to the crack pipe or the bottle. Ask your self if you’ve surrendered to your illusions of democratic control? Or, if you still believe that the Electoral College is a massage school in Northern Cali? If you haven’t let go of these notions, relapse may be right around the corner and a 12 Step intervention may be a few election cycles away.

2 Responses to “Voices From The (H)Edge”

  1. Julian, your insights are really so refreshing. Sorry I missed you on Voices from the Edge. I hope they’ll have you back again.

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