To Kill A Black Man

Endow him with a supremely well calibrated intellect.

Grant him the heart of a lion, its roar, and the indomitable willingness to use both.

Instill in him a hyperglycemic sensitivity to the sugar slipped under cover of darkness in his gas tank.

Pen him.

Create a society that will fear him and shunt his kind to the margins, where he will be terminally underemployed and unappreciated, spiritually and emotionally underfed, physically surveilled and hunted as prey.

Wait for the inevitable.


Charles Bolden

2 Responses to “To Kill A Black Man”

  1. Writer of this poem,

    This is a great poem about my father. Thank You, Sir. Would love to have a sit down with you and learn more about him through others. Gerald Bolden

  2. Hey Gerald. Email me at and we can arrange to talk.

    Take care


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