Surrender And Win

Face it: you don’t understand that the illusion before you is an illusion. ‘The Planners’ count on your falling for the holographic image which masks the reality. The reality is far worse than you could ever imagine. “The war in Iraq is a ‘SUCCESS’ because the instability and uncertainty facilitate the continuing redistribution of wealth: your tax dollars transferred to GE, Lockheed Martin.

Question: The US debt is $ 7,606,287,204,644.66; who’s the creditor? Did you know that the Federal Reserve Bank was NOT a governmental agency, that it only appears to be?

Your intuition tells you that things don’t add up, but you’ve been trained to ignore your common sense and cultivate STUPIDITY!!! An educated fool is the biggest fool of all – America is the world’s leader in fools with multiple degrees who can’t see the forest for the trees.

One of the dumbest statements heard repeatedly in liberal la-la land is, “the media is not doing their job;” the implication being that reporters are not mere stenographers or that “cat in the tree” stories ain’t news.

The Media is owned by SOMEBODY with particular CLASS interests. These interlocking, conglomerates tend to be owned by bigger fish up the food chain. Those bigger fish, aka – the RULING CLASS – rule the MF’ing World!!! It is not in the interests of the Ruling Class to have an educated UNDERCLASS. Thus “REALITY TV” and all the rest.

The very people who lead the fight against the “SYSTEM” are themselves compromised, infected, really, by a perceptual glaucoma. For the life of them they can’t see the farce of elections. Kerry was placed before democratic minded voters to create hope, but not too much hope; he made sense, but not too much sense; he was liberal, but not too liberal. He strung left minded flatlanders along and then…BOOM!! Dropped them off into despair, another stolen election and deja vu…a silent, invisible, Democratic Party, again, sanctioning political horse thievery.

Could it have been intentional? Could Kerry’s ascension have been designed to siphon off and reshape the legitimate discontent of the masses; could it have been to actually stifle and block that legitimate discontent’s expression? No, who could be THAT devious?

Where have all the color coded days gone? Miraculously, we haven’t had mention of terror alerts since, hmm…November 2nd. My, we must have just birthed a great intelligence service. Aren’t you glad you live in this great country, a country where one’s citizenship duties extend merely to the ballot box. Understanding the Matrix of lies and deceit which prevent that cast ballot from counting for anything is a mere trifle. (When was the last time an election actually changed a MF’ing Thing anyway?)

God Bless Chocolate City and it’s Vanilla Suburbs!!

2 Responses to “Surrender And Win”

  1. Yeah, I got so sick of everyone going on and on about Kerry. Someone said that you were supposed to leave your “Kerry” bumper sticker on your car after the election, to show your continued support. Which is complete bullshit, since he never supported us: backsliding on his anti-war stance, failing to challenge the flawed election results, even failing to spend all his campaign money. Not that it matters to me since I “threw my vote away” to a third party.

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