Wither America

Have you ever traveled? When I hear people talk about how great America is, I wonder if they have ever left. Have they ever left physically, but moreso mentally. There are a lot of folks who leave our shores, but never actually depart. McDonald’s minded, they shop, sightsee, but never try on the garb of the other culture, never put down there own blinders in order to see things anew.

If you’ve been anywhere, you know that there is more out there than this. So, why try to change it? Why not go to Canada, or Europe, or Africa? The brainwashed American mind, be they progressive or conversative won’t change it. They’ll just talk about it, jockey for political position, delude themselves that they can reform the beast.

I say let it rot. There are other cultures and climes more suitable for the sensitive and the refined. Let it rot.

One Response to “Wither America”

  1. Amerikkka the great…
    Her masses are un- or undereducated.
    They’re addicted to a variety of substances.
    You’re right, many of them have never left the small towns they were born in.
    Then of course there’s the international bullying, stealing and hoarding of the world’s resources…

    Amerikkka may be great in the eyes and minds of some, but how did she get that way?

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