A friend told me she heard me on the radio talking to a couple of KBOO koon talk show hosts. She said the thing that disturbed her about my exchange with the hosts is that they weren’t listening. I think this is my number one complaint about KBOO specifically, and about lefties in general. They already KNOW everything, so any information contrary to that nestled in their match book of an intellect is verboten. What’s shocking is we are talking about relatively intelligent people, but hubris negates this native intelligence and actually turns it against them.

Their hearts, I know, are in the right place these media-activist warriors. But their love of activity masks an intellectual and spiritual laziness, covers up a love of facile assumptions, assumptions that let them off the hook as much as their so-called enemies.

How can you coax a child to give up their fairytales? You don’t. I have been convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that, while a mind is a terrible thing to waste, if its not my own mind we’re talking about – FUCK IT!! I now simply marvel at how so many, know so little about so much – but think they are cutting edge. Hardcore, baby, hardcore.

KBOO, I love you, I love you all, but I have got to go.


One Response to “KBOO K….”

  1. Hey I want to know what a KBOO is? Just wondering.

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