The White Man Has A God Complex

Me and MY friends can have nuclear weapons, AKA, weapons of mass destruction.

You and your friends, CAN’T!!!

Me and my friends can make up rationales for war that are transparent lies.

But if you and your friends drop a kernel of rice…’drop the bomb on the yellow skinned crew.’

Notice how many television shows have the brainy, know-it-all, ‘man of few words’ white boy who has all the answers and who directs a multi-gendered/racial team of educated fools who require the glue that is the deity, Homo Whiteness.

How many times has some blue eyed thing saved the world: Indiana Jones, the Terminator, 24, etc, etc. Is the man that insecure that every time he looks in the mirror, he has to see reflected a conquering, blithering, cocksure, BEOTCH?!

Got to run everything and everybody.


Go ‘head, Korea. Tell this white man he ain’t your God.

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