Support OUR Troops, HELL!!!

“Just because you cook eggs in the oven doesn’t make them biscuits.”

Malcolm X

I am NOT an American. I was born here but I’m not from here. Not here. Not the US of A.

I see these yellow ribbons on the back bumpers of cars, on front doors of homes and suppress a severe acid reflux backsplash. “Support OUR Troops.” I don’t have any. There are no troops on planet earth that support me, my values, my beliefs.

I don’t have a country. I don’t believe in countries no mo’ or guv’ment. These are mere human inventions, like sports teams, destined to be in pseudo conflict, conflict that saps and rapes and pillages. What good is a government?

All war profits a small clique of vicious ass rapacious heathens. This is the reason for war. The spin, the lies, the bogus, half-baked rationales that governments and media ho’s use for war are all for the benefit of those people who might change their rulers if they could understand what their rulers are doing. CAN’T!!!

Tell Me: How can anyone consider supporting the troops as they murder and repress the people of Iraq? They removed Sadaam Hussein, good deed you say, I say HELL!! Who supported that beast as he gassed Kurds and Iranians during the 1980’s? Why, it was the United States – Reagan, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney. Hussein could never have remained in power without the money, the military hardware, the chemical and biological weapons furnished to him by the United States, and the threat that fucking with an ally of US engenders.

So, I guess the guv’ment just now had a crisis of conscience and decided to undo what it did? Me thinks not.

Should we be bullied by Bill O’Reilly and his ilk into supporting the American SS as they rape, torture, brutalize and murder innocent Iraqis? What does it mean to support them – other than condoning their actions ordered by an illegal commander- in-thief? Do we excuse this war crime of a war and their commission of illegal acts under international law? I don’t support any of these bustas or their actions unless they headin’to Canada.

“Chickens coming home to roost never made me sad, they always made me glad.”

Malcolm X

One Response to “Support OUR Troops, HELL!!!”

  1. Yeah,
    I always find it odd when I read sidebar images on the blogs of lefties that say things like: Bring our troops home.

    Bring home those mindless, corrupted, trained murdering zombies probably so pumped up with experimental cocktails that the moment they set foot back “home” they start beating on their wives, their children, their neighbours, themselves?

    Bring them back and then spend some serious money deprogramming them and helping them piece together what’s left of their brains in a way that doesn’t do too much harm to those they voluntarily left behind to go murder people in far off places.

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