Political Minstrelsy

Wow, I am loving this progressive movement we have going on. Look at how they are re-grouping following the “disappointment” of their near miss election strategy. Although their champion, John Kerry went down with the Titanic, reasons for optimism abound.

Lefties are really lighting a fire under Bush and pushing their post-modern agenda down the right wing’s throat. Corporations are on the run, Congress is under the control of the constituents – why a new day is dawning. That shining city on a hill that Reagan talked of is becoming a reality!

Now that my high is wearing off: The sad thing is that when you tell lefties that there is no movement – a big fat ZERO, beneath ZERO, that they have no commitment to change other than moving from flannel to cotton, they want to burn YOU at the stake!!!!

The Nazis are marching throughout America, but you tell a lefty the truth about themselves, and rather than thanking you, they want to do you bodily harm. Meanwhile, they profess this maudlin morality, boo-hooing their sanctimonious self whiteous-ness – as they PAY for the bullets and bombs that get dropped on innocent brown people. Yeah, you’re non-violent, you little hemp wearer, but the bill for the depleted uranium, and the Blackhawk machine gun bullets/bombs is laid at your door.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: At the end of the day, as “terrible” as this regime is, this criminal enterprise called the United States government, white folks will not challenge it – you Democratic/John Kerry bumper sticker sporting/Green Party kool aiders- because it is fundamentally a racist/white supremacist government and white people’s bread is getting buttered with that tasty white jam. White folks will never admit that parting with racism/white supremacy aka,white privilege, is such sweet sorrow that it ain’t gonna happen.

Pablum is the only product produced by white liberals and progressives; no justice will flow from any of their inactions and delusional protests.

Ya’ll can delude yourselves all you want to but the RACIST/WHITE SUPREMACIST system is designed to produce INJUSTICE, PROFITS for a few, POOR FOLKS and STOOPID FOLKS who can’t reason out of a paper bag. It also produces highly educated people willing to poke out their own eyes so that they won’t see the truth of their complicity in this diseased nation. And that reform will NEVER work. Only a wrecking crew can solve the American Dilemma.

“Don’t rock the boat, sink it!!”

Putney Swope

One Response to “Political Minstrelsy”

  1. Life is complicated. People are complicated. You are right about the leftist movement being nullunvoid. It is also correct to say that good things are happening in little ways.

    I hear judgment over and over in your blog – what is it that you want? Honestly. If I could give you the world what would it look like?

    Have you ever heard the phrase “what you perceive, you will receive.” Believing all that you say leaves one feeling helpless. How do we cope with all of this? A friend of mine use to say, if you’re not drinking, you’re not paying attention. I only wish I could start such a habit. But it just isn’t who I am.

    In a world that is so horrible as you describe, please tell me what to do next?

    You’ve mentioned that you want to leave this place. How is that any different then numbing ourselves with substances? It’s all an escape. So, how are we to truly live, in the present moment feeling a sense of power and hope of better things to come?

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