Hope is Not in My Job Description

A subjective, hateful, bloodless response to one of my critiques:

“Life is complicated. People are complicated. You are right about the leftist movement being nullunvoid. It is also correct to say that good things are happening in little ways.”

Good things for who? Who is profiting from these good things you speak of? In Portland where I live, the blacks are as segregated as any southern backwater, and just as powerless. Where is the good? Displacement, gentrification – a euphemism for moving the niggas out and wheeling the crackas in – is in full effect.

“I hear judgment over and over in your blog – what is it that you want? Honestly. If I could give you the world what would it look like?”

Yes, there is judgement in my blog – it is my blog. I am calling it as I see it. I don’t care who likes it. The judgement I hear in your statement is how dare I offer a critique that doesn’t pay “one love lipservice” to YOUR vanilla reality.

What would my world look like? No war/racism/poverty/ignorance, denial, whites and blacks with a backbone, who believe in and practice justice and who will ensure that it exists – By Any Means Necessary. You want to patch the hole in the Titanic that is America. America works for you, perhaps, but not for people of color, for whom it is still and yet a nightmare.

“Have you ever heard the phrase “what you perceive, you will receive.” Believing all that you say leaves one feeling helpless. How do we cope with all of this? A friend of mine use to say, if you’re not drinking, you’re not paying attention. I only wish I could start such a habit. But it just isn’t who I am.”

Actually, what I see is what I believe. I hear white folks say really great stuff about how they are fighting for justice, fighting against racism, corporatism, despotism, sexism – I simply do NOT see any fight in them. What whites like yourself don’t want to hear, is that you BENEFIT from this system – As It Is – and your willingness and desire to fight is compromised by your Subaru lifestyle, your urban peasant lifestyle, your progressive/activist/black bloc lifestyle, etc. Its not your fault, but you look – the white left- like people who are having too much fun being part-time revolutionaries and full time white folks, perks and all.

“In a world that is so horrible as you describe, please tell me what to do next?”

Get a grip. Start the next big 12Step Program, the most important one imaginable:

White-ISM Anonymous.

Get into recovery NOW! Admit that you are powerless over being white and that you are tired of making the globe unmanageable/uninhabitable/unsustainable. Get a sponsor, preferably a victim of the disease of White-ISM and ask them to help you work the steps of healing from this vicious ass disease.

Start listening to people of color when they tell you they would like you to remove Plymouth Rock ie. the racist/white supremacist system from their backs. TAKE the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth. LISTEN, mutha fucka, LISTEN!!

“You’ve mentioned that you want to leave this place. How is that any different then numbing ourselves with substances? It’s all an escape. So, how are we to truly live, in the present moment feeling a sense of power and hope of better things to come?”

A person of color who does not want to be spiritually and emotionally eviscerated by living HERE should leave as should any other person with the acute sensitivity to understand the nature of this beast. To see this country for what it is and to see the level of understanding of the so-called vanguard of the left, to try to engage this so called vanguard and to have them spit denial in one’s eye…Leaving is a fine option.

Too many of us ARE drugged; drugged on crack, TV, Crate and Barrel, Whiteness, Victimization, Money. Who wants to see the truth. 2 stolen elections, 2 illegal wars and one more coming this summer. Genocide, one we are actively committing, the other we are actively sustaining. And ain’t nuthin’ happenin’ with the movement.

To “run” from a white firing squad, a cultural, socio-political firing squad that has never accepted black, brown, red or yellow as citizens is intelligent. To run from the ignorance and close minded ness of liberal whites, who are the worst racists of all… I say, if folks aren’t gonna fight, and deny it and puff up this fake movement that is doing “good things” on the QT …Puhleaze!

When and if white folks and their Uncle Tom colored lackeys, learn to face and swallow hard truths about themselves and our situation, my hope will flower into turds of tiffany diamonds.

Until then…

Make that a one-way ticket ma’am, please.

One Response to “Hope is Not in My Job Description”

  1. And no one commented?
    What fraidy cats!
    You were bang on. I deal with wimmin and I often get responses especially from the homebirthing set like: If you only see things in the negative, that’s what you’ll create.

    Basically they blame the messenger, saying that the messenger has actually created the shite.

    It’s a simple yet effective technique of the colonized, not just those colonized by race, but really across the board, it “works” for liberals of any stripe or creed.

    It’s a blocking mechanism.

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