AM People

By Maxjulian

March 8, 2005

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“Most people are second-hand.”


People, most people in my experience, are AM people. I remember listening to a lot of AM radio in the car on family roadtrips. Sonically speaking, the AM sound was flat, uninvolving, dull. If you’d never heard FM radio, you probably wouldn’t know what you were missing.

Lots of people seem to live as if they’ve never heard, or heard of FM – they live quiet lives of desperation and consumerism, conformity and intellectual flatulence, minus their ears, an internal antennae, their instincts, which have seemingly been bred out of them.

I’m fascinated and appalled at the same time. And I identify with it. I remember when I was a boozer, the whole point was to be numb, shut off. In essence, I was creating my own frequency that I tuned in to. It was comfortable, supported the conclusions I already held and warded off any undesirable thoughts or truths.

It was only through hitting rock bottom that other frequencies – internally and externally – became readily accessible and apparent to me. At the same time, plugging into these new pathways was optional. Just because FM exists doesn’t mean folks will tune in to it.

“You’re listening, but you didn’t hear me.”

Denzel Washington, to a clueless Ethan Hawke in ‘Training Day,’
a film about racial reconciliation.

2 Responses to “AM People”

  1. What is it you want me to hear? I’m tuned in, are you?

  2. No you’re not, because you wouldn’t be asking the question, sucka!–>

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