Masters of Hypocrisy

I was barely listening to Barbara Bernstein’s talk show on KBOO radio this morning. Filibuster is more like it, a drone of information, a water spout opened completely, showering the listener in “Buckets of WORDS” designed to impress upon the listener her brilliance, her breadth of knowledge. Listening, as she was born without ears, was not in the equation which, in a word is: vanity

Knowledge is not the problem with any of KBOO’s verbose, all-knowing talk show hosts: it is in the service of what aims, or to what uses that knowledge is placed.

Barb was playing Lady Revere this morning. Yet again, we have ANOTHER march planned, another symbolic expression of pique from the white left. And I am reminded again of the hypocrisy of white people, the forked tongue, the ability to hide a bad motive behind a good.

Read the link below if you are an honest,look yourself -in -the -mirror -person. Don’t, and that means most of you, if for you, “image is everything.”

Instead of Rachel Corrie’s we get, Rachel from “Friends” a self interested, hair obsessed bundle of popcorn, who doesn’t stand for anything but her own primping self.

Who is organizing the movement to overthrow our stolen democracy? Who wants to? Instead of Rachel Corrie’s staying right here in the US of A and fighting the imperialist Octopus’ head – over and over again, white folks try to faux wrestle with a tentacle of the many limbed monster. But like professional wrestling, all parties agree not to hurt each other (except when the cops feel like it), follow the rules (sanctioned by the fascist state) and then quietly go home. To march when the spirit moves them, or when their social calendar opens up.

The Masters of Hypocrisy say all the right things – but the measuring stick is what they do (or propose to do) and they haven’t done shit but give the country away to people who look like them. Hmmm…maybe that’s the whole point.

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