X-Czech Mate

By Maxjulian

April 16, 2005

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So I was macking on this Czech for a minute and had to quit it cuz she was temperamental, wacky, an emotional lackey. Once divorced twice burned – ME,not again, oh no, not again, no dramatics/static, fuck the chromatic, head for the attic can’t even go there, NOT there, not one more ‘gin drive me to drink gin, that ain’t gonna haP-Pen, rather put that bon bon back on the conveyor belt like Lucy, more lightheaded highs can be found with less aftertaste, yes, with less aftertaste, I’ve been reduced to seeking that smooth high without the hangover, Diana was right I don’t need no love hangover baby, I need to kick the habit, Cuz see

I can do bad all by myself!

3 Responses to “X-Czech Mate”

  1. Oh Julian,
    Are you saying you’re definitely not dating or cruising anymore white wimmin? Or is this just an older post that doesn’t ring true for you anymore? I haven’t dated a white man in years. Though, I’ve had encounters with a few white wimmin. None recently, though. Papi swears that I’m going to end up with at least one white male lover. I don’t know about that. The zombie people of all shades and colours scare me enough that I rarely leave the house for social occasions. It’s hard to deal with the stifled screams I want to let loose when they ask: How are you?… and give me one of those mindless, performative smiles. eek!

  2. Haha. Its so funny you landed on this one. I am good friends with my Czech friend, R. We were talking last night and she reminded my how pissed she was when she read this. She then wrote a poem in response called, “Confessions of a Chocoholic.”


    I will never say never. EVER!

  3. Never, never quite works out that way.

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