Clothes, Bankrolls and Ho’s

By Maxjulian

April 28, 2005

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I was driving down MLK Ave a coupla nights ago and was startled by a large crowd of black men inside a bus shelter near Ainsworth. Something looked to be up and as I drove nearer I saw several men down on their knees, in prayer,no, no…

…They were genuflecting, not to the porcelain god, but to a pair of dice. One brotha had a knot of ones in one hand, was flipping the dice in his other, ready to roll seven if not eleven, thought he was going straight to heaven.

My People, MY, PeOPle.

What’s happened to us? I know we’s oppressed, that the white man ain’t got no love for us, that black, brown and red genocide is what America is all about….But, puhleaaazzzzzeeee?!

Niggas out in the street rolling dice in 2005???!!! That shit was played out in ‘Shaft in Africa.’

Where the hell is black Portland, in a timewarp? What’s the leadership doing besides begging crumbs from the white man’s kitchen table?

“Up! You mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.”
–Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Not if you sittin’ on your ass, profiling, wearin’ your Iverson jersey and do rag, cruisin’ in your Montero, livin’ a pipe dream that you can milk your freedom from fascist Amerikka!

Dummies make great fodder for war, on the streets and in the military. You can be a ghetto souljah or a revolutionary soldier in the fight to create a humanistic society. But where the Black General’s that are gonna lead our people to freedom? Where the Harriet Tubman’s, the Toussaint L’Overture’s? All we got are these ‘Political Jemima’s’ runnin’ around Portland playin’ poli-tricks on the peeps.

MLK said we live in a “thing oriented society.” That was 1967 and, “things done changed.” Black Portland is going the way of the dinosaur – no community, no communication, no leadership, no sense = NO FUTURE!!! Whatchu gon’ do black Portland?

One Response to “Clothes, Bankrolls and Ho’s”

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