Thugged OUT

By Maxjulian

May 17, 2005

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Even though i’m marked for death, i’m a spark till i lose my breath

Tupac Shakur

To be a Thug is to be a righteous Nigga, which means to disagree with this bullshit, holographic (democracy on the outside/plutocracy on the inside) society. To buck the system. Thugs might deal drugs, create their own little underground economy; or rather, they participate in an underground economy that someone else has created for them.

The entrapped Thug – surveilled in his roach motel of a community – gets caught up in the Police State conveyor belt, thus fertilizing the prison/industrial complex, the fastest growing bizness in Amerikka.

Turning people into crops is the Amerikkan Way.

Rebellion that seeks to convert that society into an accepting melting pot does not interest the Thugged OUT. Fuck society; I’d rather milk it than join it. Let me get mine, cuz you sho’ nuff getting yours!

But as Tupac articulated it, Thugs ain’t just drug dealers or gangsters; they be Niggas who just don’t want to fit in. They see the hypocrisy, the greed, the sentencing of niggas at birth to a life less valued than that of so-called white folk. The red, white and blue is an L-I-E.

I’ve often wondered why so many Thug Mamas and Papas refuse to speak the king’s english. Used to be that I criticized them, felt superior, believed that they were holding back the race. In fact, they, in many respects are the only blacks holding onto an identity distinct from and in opposition to the phoniness and delusion of Amerikkan assimilation. I’ve felt confused, confounded as I’ve tried to be the good Knee-grow, speaking properly, doing all the things expected of me and then being rudely reminded that I’m a nigga. Yes, I am a Nigga, and today I love IT!! Cuz I don’t wanna be white; I might occasionally fuck white/suck white, but I will never wanna be white!!

I wanna be my real NIGGA Self.

A real Thug Nigga knows that people are people, but in Stepford Amerikka, the populace is programmed to think in riddles, compartments, colored compartments, gender/sexuality/class compartments, constantly measuring, rating, comparing each other. One up/one-downing each other, trying to be be better. Never accepting that we’s all the same regardless of borders, colors, cultures or religion. But the Matrix has to be called out before we can get to the colorblind society.

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

Tupac Shakur

2 Responses to “Thugged OUT”

  1. Beloved Brothah,

    Nigga = nigger = animal = our dehumanization at the Master’s hands.

    You are no more a nigga/nigger than I am a ho/whore.

    Thuggery is not righteous; as Brother Cornel testifies, thuggery just buys into the Man’s ideology of nihilism, defeating us before we even begin. Thuggery eats away at our God-given souls, dressing ourselves in the very shackles our ancestors died throwing off.

    Lay those shackles down.

    Reclaim Brother, Sister, Soul, Love, Freedom.

    “Emancipate yourself from
    mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind…”

    Don’t waste yours.

    A. Loving Sistah

  2. My Sistah,

    I hear you. And believe me, I don’t advocate hustling and all that other nonsense. However…I do believe our people trapped who are trapped in that cycle must be understood. And we have to build a bridge of understanding that takes into account the choices, the languaging that those of us placed in that position make. And convert that limited understanding, not through rejection or subtraction, but through addition.

    Just as we modified the term “black” and changed its historic meaning because that was a part of our growth process, Nigger, that most horrible word needs to be confronted, the reality of it, the truth of it and the lie of it.

    We don’t, I think, do that by running from the term nigga/nigger. Functionally, we are niggas in my opinion, in terms of our position in this society and how THEY regard us.

    And frankly, I am still working this one out so I am going to give your comments a lot of thought. Thank you for your comments and I send my most sincere best wishes to you for peace and abundance.

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