Sal’s Famous and the Confederacy

I was driving down N. Greely Ave coupla nights ago when I saw the neon sign.

Sal’s Famous.

That was the pizzeria in “Do The Right Thing” the one that got torched at the end of the film after the NYPD lynching of Radio Raheem. I hung a left on Killingsworth but before executing the turn, I noticed one of those nigga crunching monsta trucks, candy apple red with a nice confederate flag for a license plate.


I like to know where I am and while my first reaction was anger, anger that somebody would name their restaurant after a racist movie establishment (come to find out nationally there are a ton by the same name), anger that somebody was brazenly sporting a racist symbol on their bumper, upon reflection, I was glad. Glad to know where I am and who they are.

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