Michael Jackson Can’t Win

A once upon a time ‘brown bunny’ is now a blue eyed white man and ya’ll still ain’t satisfied. This ex-brotha has done everything in his power to be what he was taught by his culture to be: a junior grade white boy. But he did you one betta cuz he took it to the skin when most of us be taught to be white by word and deed only. Isn’t that really why the contempt for MJ is thick as molasses?

Michael bought into the REAL American dream which is to be eternally young and eternally white, impervious to the reality of race and racism, insulated. But America is not down with its escapees of Niggerdom; on the contrary, once a nigga always a nigga, degree or no degree, Grammy or no Grammy.

‘The real collective unconscious terror’ is that beneath that sickly epidermis, Michael’s jism can still plant dusky fertilized seedlings into the bellies of paper mache dolls from the suburbs. OR, his popularity might encourage white girls to relax their racist indoctrination and strap-on a MJ- from- the- hood. Fear of genetic annihilation – the dominant brown and black consuming the recessive white.

So even the plantation coon, the “yes, massa minstrel”, the “bar of soap bowing Tom” who does whatever da boss man dictates, can’t win. You can’t win whether you speak the King’s English or talk that hoodoo voodoo you be spittin’ on the block.

To quote Sergeant Waters from “A Soldier’s Story”, no matter how hard you try,
‘they still hate you!’

“If you try to integrate with him, he condemns you. If you try to separate from him, he condemns you. If you lay down flat on the sidewalk and say ‘walk on me mista white man’ he still condemns you. He tells you, ‘turn over, nigga, roll over on your back’… You can’t please the white man!”

Malcolm X

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