I’m Crazy

I see racism everywhere, or so I’m told. I am crazy, or at least, this is what some of my white “friends” tell me. They don’t actually tell me I’m nuts. Its more subtle than that. What happens is – When I explain my experience with race and racism; when some current event happens and we’re kicking it; when I discuss a dynamic between me and some white person: they tell me I’m nuts when they say….

‘Are you sure that’s what it was really about?’

‘I know black people who do the same thing.’

‘Aren’t you overreacting?”

‘You see race everywhere!’

‘I don’t think that’s about race at all.’

My Racial Translation Program outputs those White Folk responses as follows:

Nigga, you crazy!!

Fortunately, there is an antidote for my insanity: Checkin’ in with a nigga. Running what I’ve seen and heard by em, then throwin’ up my mitts and going, “…dog, is it ME?!” Usually, the response I receive is, “…BEOTCH, you know it ain’t you!”

Thank God for Beulah’s over the counter remedy.

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