Letter to the Editor

My brotha, Eugene, was talking about not having received hate mail behind his militant activism.

My response:

“The hate mail is the silence; the hate mail is the contempt they show you by their absence. The hate is a scent, an energy. Its coming at you on the QT.

For all of their “seriousness” about “issues” they are strangely silent, absent and unaccounted for. Too busy being white, numbing out on privilege, nodding off to all the lullabies this country sends them on “The GREaT WHItE mAN.” “The BeAUTIFuL WHite WOMAn.” Gurgle, gurgle.

You talk about TV; its a 24/7 blowjob of the white man; how great white people are, how kind they are, how SHOCKED they are by the injustice they cause and prolong, how in love with money they are, how in love with themselves. You and I are not included in their “American”, bro, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did you ever see that movie “The Drop Squad?” Some revolutionary brothas kidnap a sellout kneegro and try to indoctrinate him to be a down with the cause N-I-G-G-A.. The only way to get to most of these white folks is to make a DropSquad-move on ’em, pull a “Patty Hearst,” kidnap these muthafuckas and re-educate them. Start a concentration camp for recovering racists.

There is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much silence, too much denial, baby. But, you have to remember: its in the service of maintaining power,privilege and control. Its like convincing a child that dessert for every meal is wrong, when their parents have been feeding em that shit from birth.

They can tell you they “believe” this or “believe” that, but their “actions” tell you what their REAL value system is. The words are a smokescreen. Fat taking muthafuckas!!

White Folks to Racism:

“If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!”

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