Where have all the Color-coded alerts?

By Maxjulian

June 28, 2005

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I have such fond memories of my terror. Red, Orange, Green, so many colors, so little time to determine which colors meant what level of terrorist threat. I was scared. And I was getting close to full memorization of each color and what action the color required me to take that day. It was really important for me to know how I was supposed to feel each day; Tom Ridge’s announcements were like my daily cup of coffee: a huge shot of espresso.

But then, on November 4th, they seemed to evaporate. I can’t recall what happened that day, but suddenly, I have heard not a word since about colors or dirty bombs or guys named Mustafa. Suddenly, we are at peace. The hordes threatening to slither out of the coastal swamps and salty seas, dagger in mouth, intent on filleting Uncle and Mrs Sam, have faded to black.

Today, we fight our enemy in his homeland, before a threat materializes in ours. Or so we are told. Oh, where have all the color coded alerts gone?

One Response to “Where have all the Color-coded alerts?”

  1. Curious, how were the color coded alerts broadcast. Where they on tv?

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