By Maxjulian

July 11, 2005

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What is money?

Does money exist?

Does it possess any intrinsic value?

Why have we ordered a society on the basis of obtaining an arbitrary, valueless object that provides entree to a freedom, a liberty that should be everyone’s birthright?

Shouldn’t it be everyone’s birthright, freedom?

Why shouldn’t anyone be able to board a plane and fly to Paris, to Accra, to Amsterdam, to Abidjan – for free?

Why does it cost money to do these things?

Is there a connection between violence and money? If money did not exist, if all were free to be fed, housed and travel at their whim, if there were equality of opportunity and complete freedom to work or not, to sleep or not, to worship or not – where would we be as a world?

Would we exploit the planet’s resources if everyone could partake of them?

Would people rape and rob each other if everything was available to them for free?

I’m asking you – why do we NEED money?!

One Response to “Money”

  1. We don’t. But if it was outlawed, people would just establish another currency, another indicator of success, wealth and hierarchical power. You should have seen how the wimmin in the community I was a part of went absolutely mad when we had to share resources with each other to build the community. They had been accustomed to utilizing resources, access, attention as ways to compete with each other. Without those indicators they were lost, lethargic, resentful, unsure of how to relate authentically. They started playing massive drama based power games. Basically fucking with each other for fun as a way to establish dominance in the house. It was fucking insane. Sad.

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