They Hate Us Because WE are the Terrorists, Dummy!

By Maxjulian

July 25, 2005

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They Hate Us Because WE are the Terrorists, Dummy!

A little ancient history:

On December 29th, 1890, a group of approximately 350 Hunkpapas and Minneconjou Indians – who were in process of having their land in the South Dakota Black Hills stolen by the United States Federal Government – were surrounded and ‘disarmed’ by four companies of the 7th Cavalry led by Major Samuel Whitside. Then, the units opened fire…

“…About two thirds of them (were) women and children…Women and children attempted to escape by running up a dry ravine, but were pursued and slaughtered…by hundreds of maddened soldiers, while shells from the Hotchkiss guns, which had been moved to permit them to sweep the ravine, continued to burst among them. The line of bodies was afterward found to extend for more than two miles from the camp – and they were all women and children.”

Agents of Repression, Ward Churchill, Jim Vander Wall,

Fast forward to the 1990’s: Iraq – due to the depredations of the outlaw Sadaam Hussein, ex-lover of George ‘Big Daddy’ Bush and Donald Rumsfeld – is cursed with international weapons inspections and sanctions that extend even to medicine. It is estimated that 500, 000 children DIE due to the sanctions, leading to Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s famous response that this price, the children’s heads, are worth ‘IT.’

Then, after ensuring that Iraq and its suffering people are nutritionally and militarily emaciated for 11 odd years following Gulf War 1, the US exclaims in blood curdling screams, the global threat emanating from Baghdad. ‘Shock and Awe,’ the code name for the media coverage that seemingly blinded news outlet’s ability to report the truth, preceded the military campaign of the same name. Over 100,000 corpses later, the US Government sprays its modern Hotchkiss guns down the ravines of Iraq, shooting, bombing, maiming and emancipating Iraqis from the evil grip of Sadaam, through mass murder.

No weapons of mass destruction are found, but new rationales, like rabbits yanked from a hat are, magically replacing one bald-faced lie with another, courtesy of your government, compliantly transmitted by the Eva Braun’s with note pads.

During the 1980’s, the United States sold weapons to BOTH Iraq and Iran during their murderous, chemical war. The natural question would be – since Iran was our enemy and Iraq was our ally at the time – why? Perhaps, because stalemate, a dependent, weakened government, and a starving, enslaved populace were in US corporate interests.

The CIA trained a young man named Osama bin Laden and hordes of other Afghanis in terrorism in their war to expel the Soviet Union. The US’s intentions were Oil, and to cripple and weaken the Soviets, not help liberate Afghanistan. When our Machiavellian policy intentions became clear to the Afghani rebels, they became our mortal enemies.

Iraq. Iran. Syria. Haiti. Brazil. The Congo. Guatemala. Honduras. Nicaragua. The names of the countries devastated by US misdeeds could form a one-semester geography class. The US, rather than being a peacemaker, as its vast network of public relations hacks would have you believe, is the greatest, the most sophisticated warmonger the world has ever seen. And I don’t simply define war as arms and military campaigns. Our government is not cartoonishly Hitlerian in terms of making a huge splash with guns blazing unless it absolutely has to. No. Our people, our agents of repression and oppression are martini-swilling sophisticates who are adept at extracting treasonous, traitorous double-dealing behavior out of the natives themselves. When subversion doesn’t work, invasion does.

The United States invented the Death Squad; we are the ones who trained the Latin American armies in torture (read, “The Political Economy of Human Rights: The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism’ by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman.) Our US Army School of the Americas – the training ground for hundreds of military dictators and their henchmen – was “caught” red handed when one of its training manuals was found to possess a chapter on torture. These are the ‘values’ that we have transmitted globally; Abu Graib is simply our military getting its hand caught in a cookie jar of our own devise.

According to William Blum, a former CIA agent who wrote the fascinating “Killing Hope, ” the CIA made secret annual payments, millions of dollars (and beaucoup women) each year to King Hussein of Jordan for the right to roam freely in their country and for any “intelligence” he could provide. This was done at a time when our government needed a base of operations in the region because we were attempting to overthrow the Syrian government?! Manuel Noriega was nothing but a CIA purchased prostitute who began having delusions of opening his own brothel rather than continuing to be pimped out by American Super Fly’s. The documentary, “The Panama Deception” outlines how the US, under the pretext of seizing the drug dealing Noriega, used experimental weapons on an innocent civilian population and killed thousands of them, executed journalists, and for what? The capture of one man? And we wonder why people hate us?!

Wounded Knee was the beginning of the end of mano a mano Native American resistance to United States hegemony, notwithstanding the American Indian Movement of the 1970’s. The end of the Vietnam War was the end of white kid’s interest in ‘changing’ anything – they’d already won their right to not be drafted, why bother with little details like imperialism and racism; the government assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Bunchy Carter, etc, spelled the end of the Black Liberation Movement. Today, it’s ‘get your piece of the blood stained pie’ through deluding yourself that “things done changed.” Things have done changed: for the muthafuckin’ worse.

Today, the legitimate aspirations of Americans of all races for an authentic, just, government have been jimmie-jammed into mounting bigger voter registration drives, crying over 2 stolen presidential election while doing nothing about it and carrying wonderfully witty pickets signs, ‘demonstrating’ that we “FIRED UP, AIN’T TAKIN’ IT NO MORE,” while we take it up the ass more and more each day. Truth is too terrible for us to even want to see; therefore we invent a more convenient reality that jibes with the suppositions of the oppressor.

The self righteous cries and tears over September 11th, the Madrid and now the London train bombing conceal the racist denial of Americans and Brits regarding the race war being waged against brown people all over the globe. in our name. The people of the Third World have suffered 3 million September 11ths – where are the tears for them, the reform or revolt against a system that murderously oppresses in deed, but speaks pious platitudes, flaunts Jesus like a finger puppet, and chortles democracy and justice out the side of its neck. The Iraqis fighting our troops aren’t insurgents; they are freedom fighters, fighting an invader after their oil and sovereignty. The radical Muslims that hate us and are now blowing themselves up at every opportunity were radicalized, not by Islam, but by the imperialist policies of OUR government. To quote Noam Chomsky, “if you don’t like terrorism, stop practicing it.”

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