Lying Liars and the Half Wits Who Love Them

“Don’t run when you can walk; don’t walk when you can sit; and don’t look back cuz somethin’ might be gainin’ on you.”

Satchel Paige

I hate liars, self deluders, intellectual minstrels.

I hate them so much because I am one. I am a liar. I delude myself every day. How else can you live in this spiritually pungent, morally repugnant society? To live here, to participate in any way in the unimpeded functioning of this bestial system, to buy even a wafer from these snake oil merchants makes one complicit with the devil in genocide. Mass murder of the planet.

So I lie to myself; I tell myself it won’t be long before I get out of here, once I make that first million, I’ll buy that spot on the Seine. I’m working my way back to gay Paree, baby! Yeah, right!!

Yet……even though I try to manage my non-participation, try to stay true to the game, it CAN’T be avoided…without leaving this all behind. Some things are so wrong, so violently in conflict with one’s moral code that absenting oneself from that vicious environment is the only solution. It ain’t gon’ change.

That will soon be my solution – voting with my feet….I have tried to connect with HONEST people, people who are doing their own personal work, AND are aware, sensitive to the “Condition RED” conditions that confront us. Few indeed have done the necessary inner work required to make accurate assessments of their outer world…

…Instead, delusion masquerades as analysis, vainity masquerades as veracity and hubris masquerades as humility; Many of these “Spokespeople” need their own ‘analysis,’ their own ‘seasoning,’ before expressing their prematurely ejaculated ideas…

But cha’ll don’t hear me tho’.

Honesty requires discomfort, occassionally embarassment. Dishonesty requires one to slither around on their belly. Their shame must be converted, flipped to the other side of the coin. Exposed is their faux entitlement, their Victimology. On the real, they ain’t playin’ nuthin’ but the F-O-O-L. They know it; it’ll take a few years for them to drop the crayolas and face facts – if they ever do.

I’m in the same boat, ain’t no better, really…until I remind myself to delve deeper, listen to my intuition and BELIEVE it. Then act, baby!

“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.”

Satchel Paige, Negro Baseball Legend

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