Organization presupposes unity.

Kwame Nkrumah

Chickens with their heads cut off.

You can chortle, “REVOLUTION” all you want: until organization, which includes analyzing, comprehending and understanding what’s going on occurs – no structural, fundamental change will take place.

Reflexive action, robotic gestures: marches, candlelight vigils, crying crocodile tears, waving signs, walking in circles are the only change we get from the so-called Left. In other words, there’s been no change at all. Why?

Because the Left is white.

White people benefit from the status quo. Racism/White Supremacy stacks their plate high with benes, as their darker brothers starve and rot. In their guilty, darkhearted, complicitous souls, they take feeble actions that don’t cost them anything. This action is not designed to produce justice, but to produce ‘peace’ in their corrupt psyches. This is long overstood by now.

But if any among them are serious, if any person is serious about CHANGE, when will they admit the failure of efforts thus far? Power is even more entrenched. When will THEY or better still, US, listen to the voices at the “bottom of the well”, the voices screaming for justice, yelling at them to pay attention, to “THINK” to “LISTEN” more deeply?

I challenge the Left, I challenge white people, I challenge people of color to organize a Constitutional Convention; I challenge you all to organize an event that brings together all of the people to PLAN the revolt, plan the change that we claim to want instead of jiving ourselves, pretending to oppose while lapping up privilege, whether it be white privilege or uncletomming to get the perks of whiteness. This madness must cease. The complete moral bankruptcy of the United States is evident – where the hell are the other people who will join with me to CREATE a real movement to step through the rubble and change it?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is one form of insanity. Malcolm X had it right; the Panthers had it right. I believe a movement led by conscious people of color and aided by white allies who overstand is possible. But NOT if we remain addicted to ‘calling Congress’ or send ‘letters to the President.’ There is no President for us; no Congress for us. We are the Congress and President. We have to step the fuck up and assume the position.


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