THIS is the War in Iraq. This is the War that we only march about. Let your child suffer this fate – your hypocritical, Ghandian non-violence will go out the window. But its not YOU, or your blue eyed offspring. That’s why your forked tongue self can talk votes and parties and reform, when you know FULL well what needs to be done. THIS is ALL of OUR faults.

How many Iraqis=ONE white person? How many niggas=ONE white person?

Keep adding.

I sent my ex-brother-in-law an article on what his Marine brothers were doing to the populace in Iraq shortly before he was deployed there. No response. His parents – Bush lackeys – fully in support of a madman. No response. My ex-wife, an Ostrich. No response. If you pretend its not happening, if you focus on the flag, or your investment accounts – you don’t have to care. But IT’S there.

When you fraud-poseurs decide to talk revolution, plan revolution, eat-sleep-shit revolutionrevolution, MAKEMUTHAFUCKIN’REVOLUTION, then we can talk. Ya’ll don’t care, though. This is a victim of Katrina, Co-Intelpro, racism/white supremacy, depleted uranium, the Pilgrims, the – NO, this is a victim of YOU.


NIGGAS of the WORLD UNITE!!! Don’t wait for your enemy to save you or free you. It really is as basic as skin.

“Don’t let that man fool ya!”

Or woman.

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