Come on ya’ll.

When the movie, “Last House on the Left” came out, the ad campaign had these eerie voices droning , ‘IT’S ONLY A MOVIE, IT’S ONLY A MOVIE.’

The idea was that – if the movie viewer kept intoning ‘IT’S ONLY A MOVIE’ – they could keep their fear at bay, and perhaps prevent the Boogey Man from getting them.

Lefties think that if they keep intoning the same ole drivel – marches and leaflets and seminars and grassroots campaigns and voter registration drives – that they will make some head way against THEIR Boogey Man. Mind you, those tactics could work IF they took account of certain facts:

Katrina’s are happening and have BEEN happening in ghettos and on reservations since the beginning of this vicious ass State. Katrina has been lashing US since the slaveship, but YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT US!

Since the malignant neglect by white conservatives, liberals, lefties and progressives of their fellow human beings is clear, as is its origin (inbred racism/white supremacy), the attention and/or solutions offered up by THOSE sources must be and are suspect and not to be trusted. (It’s like Mark Fuhrmann hosting a ‘Free Mumia Rally’ or a B’nai B’rith luncheon) Come on ya’ll!

There’s going to have to be a spiritual bloodletting, or some kind of ritualistic acknowledgement by my pink siblings:

Niggas are in the condition they’re in BECAUSE of the great tolerance of well meaning white folks for our misery. When white folks decide a condition shouldn’t exist, or decide they want to fix some condition that exists, they pour out their love and support, and open their wallets. Tsunami victims, Katrina victims – ya’ll get down!

But notice: when they were talking about bringing “refugees” to Portland, all sorts of fears were expressed: ‘will WE be safe?’ ‘what kinds of safegaurds will be taken?’ and other impolitic questions. And there is something sick about people needing “charity” to feed their egos, needing an other or a peon that they can rescue – on a whim – but not eliminate the conditions that create the peon.

You stand ready to fix the symptoms, but NOT the malignant cause of those symptoms.
Until YOU change – don’t talk to me about Bush – until YOU are willing to sacrifice your ill gotten advantage and nip it at its root, Katrina’s will continue unabated in every nigga neighborhood in this country. And you’ll continue to pat yourself on the back for writing that check to those Biafrans or those Ethiopians over THERE, while your countrymen will continue to burst bloated from their underwater graves in this racist Waterworld.

When will you ensure that all of us are SAFE?! When will you ensure, not through some bullshit piece of legislation, but through a lifelong commitment to REAL CHANGE that America becomes what its supposed to already be? If ever a people needed a religion, a spiritual experience, a moral conscience, it is my countrymen of a lighter hue.

cuz you can turn it off. We’re bit players in your nightmarish pulp film and we want OUT.

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