Lynch Me

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle….(black lives being choked out)….gurgle, gurgle..
(‘Ho, HUM’…white folks lookin’ at their fingernails…’oh, we care,MAMMY)… gurgle, gurgle, blub, blub, blub

It is now being reported that the stories of

Darktown Wildings

in the Superdome, rampant NO mayhem, baby rape and cannabalism among the “refugees” turned out to be lies, by the lying liars that make and break the news.

Why would such pooh be circulated?

Who circulated it and why?

Who benefitted, in whose interest would it be to demonize black people – one more time?

Turn the victim into the criminal, blame the victim, use the race of the victim to blind and stymie the faint humanity stirring in good ole Americans. Feed ’em that ole time religion of ‘niggas cookin’ folks like gumbo’ to diminish the sense of responsibility to and kinship with “THOSE PEOPLE.”

Crimes against black people are treated as crimes against chattel; pay careful attention to the inaction, the failure to link genocide against niggas with genocide in Iraq; note for the umpteenth time, that there are no ‘John Brown’ or ‘Patrick Henry’ white folks who will go the last mile with niggas.

The man is ladling niggas into our own gas ovens – prisons, crack, whitification aka gentrification…and white folks ain’t even talking about do-nothing marches. Just roll their eyes and say ‘poor baby.’ The terms, ‘White’ and ‘ALLY’ aren’t even in the same lexicon.

I’ve met maybe two or three white folks who are willing to take truth wherever it leads; the overwhelming majority decide when a conversation moves from talk to the precipice of commitment – they take that one step backward. I’m not fooled by their righteous attachment to “nonviolence.” You let somebody take some shit out there house and you’ll see one violent muthafucka. White people have built a Great Wall around THEIR privilege, and elaborate moats and drawbridges to justify not sharing that privilege with their magical knee-grow.

When justice, Justice and only JUSTICE motivates and animates one’s being – a nigga KNOWS!! But when cowardice, selfishness, brutality, callousness, racism and cunning rule – a nigga can also LEARN to read that shit.

But I gotta give big props to white folks for their superior TRICKNOLOGY. I been fooled fo’ a long time. My ex-wife was fucking Meryl Streep, baby. Had my nose open like I-5. Oscars to all you MF’s.

Niggas are actors, too, like the Last Poets said, but more to the point is we are addicts. We’re addicted to numbing the pain of the Rodney King aSs wHipPing we be takin’ spiritually, emotionally and physically 24/7. The pain of existence for an awake nigga is unbearable, thas why so many of us sleep, nod, do the “Malt Liquour Shuffle.”

The Freeslave is tired, ya’ll. Portland Babylon is too hard on a nigga. Niggas here get bleached so much you can’t even see their color by their deeds. Spiritual death, daily niggerization, marginalzation, self castration…I’m a mammal who needs air living under fucking water in this shitty city – I can’t breath here. Truth is hard to find cuz 90% of the muthafuckas I meet REQUIRE lies to function. Portland’s too Stepford for me.

So, go ahead; ready your noose for me. I might even voluntarily stick my neck in it.

But on the real, I’d rather see you swing, zombie.

Pass the salt and I’ll take some mo’ gumbo.

3 Responses to “Lynch Me”

  1. I work at an fucking “top” white university. I work with my natural hair and fist up everyday. I call these white fuckers out on their shit. I told my Daddy that I ducking and dodging all trees this summer. I put together a huge documentation against my supervisor and department. The sad thing is that white folks speak, that shit automatically becomes truth because it came out of their biege ass lips. Where a Nigga like me has to SCREAM and provide scholarly research about racism to “prove” my point. They still use their power to decide how and when my concerns are giving time or consideration. It so pisses me off. You know what…they would love to lynch me. I know they have dreams about breaking down my door and raping me…dragging me out naked, bruised, bleeding…while they crush my bones into powder…burn my bronze flesh….then hang me from the university seal on the quad for all the other Niggas to see. You know that is what they want to do. Instead they do other shit to try and lynch me…call me incompetent, ignorant, too black, too strong, deny of divine order, discount my common experience as an “educated Nigga”, use credit to margalize me, threaten my job security, etc, etc. You know what…I keep my fist up! If it is writtent that I die and take four of them with me!

  2. Divine: You are the MF’ing shit, girlfriend!!!! I hooted when I read this; its tooooooo fucking real! I’m keepin’ my fist up too. One day we’re gonna get to building “ours” and fuck “theirs.” I’m so tired of NOT having my own/our own thing and having to deal with their bullshit. And I say that bearing in mind that I will never blanket X-them like they did to us. But I’m carrying a pad in my back pocket ready to X-out everybody who shows their teeth. Thank you for injecting me with somathat good spirit.

  3. v. interesting re portland. glad you enjoyed oakland – and yes, it is too bad the bay area is so expensive. while you were writing this, we were doing the katrina thing. glad to see someone was talking about it differently as far away as the west coast. one of the hardest things about it was how sorry we were supposed to be for marginally affected, middle class n.o. people … it was classist as well as racist, and according to some people, to see this and say it was ‘unkind’ (because ‘everyone is under stress, and is suffering in their own way’ (yeah, right) …

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