“Don’t Mess With Mr. In-Between”

‘Don’t mess with Mr. In-Between. Nobody likes Mr. In-Between. They won’t let him be white, and he doesn’t want to be black. They won’t let him be an American and he doesn’t want to be an African. He can’t be this and he doesn’t want to be that. And don’t NOBODY want you, cuz you don’t want yourself. He’s like a knot on a log; sitting on the bench.’

Malcolm X

Whole lotta us are Mr & Ms In-Betweens. You can hardly blame us. Who would volunteer for abuse, misery, psychic suffering. Who really wants to be despised, shunned, feared? Unfortunately, one of the keys to mental health, particularly in an insane society, is accepting oneself. Seeing you for who you really are – not who THEY say you are – seeing your behavior, your actions, through steely, fiercely honest, hawk eyes. Being a forager for truth and nothing but. Not an easy task.

Doubly unfortunately, however: some of us go in the opposite direction, running from ANYTHING that reminds us of our own black, brown, yellow or red selves.

There’s a new species, the ‘Rhetorical Nigga’ out there, suffering from chronic, ‘Blue Eyed Dementia.’ They wanna be white on the QT. And they’re usually the last ones to know. They talk the talk, but they walk that tight assed, on the two, walk. Niggas in name and complexion only.

If everybody you hanging out with, getting sustenance from, hooked up to like an iron lung – looks like your enemy – you could be ‘Mr. In-Between.’

If you can’t relate to people of color, if people of color are calling your Tomming ass out and you’re blubbering “why they be sayin’ that bout me?”, OR, if niggas now are your defacto enemies – YOU could be ‘Mr. In-Between.’

“Don’t get mad, I’m just bein’ real. Yea, yea, yea.”

Snoop Doggy Dog

2 Responses to ““Don’t Mess With Mr. In-Between””

  1. Hi where’s the full spech of the “Mr in-between” comment

  2. Its in a collection called, “The Wisdom of Malcolm X.” Its probably been repackaged a few times. Black United Front, Liberals are a couple of the subjects on the set.

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