Godless Dollarism

The East Bay is expensive, no surprise there. But I’ve never been in a region that so relentlessly feasts off of its citizenry. Parking is a fulltime job – for people trying to park and avoid getting ticketed. The rules of engagement are ever shifting – you can park here at this time, but not at that time, you need this kind of sticker here and another kind there; the streets are swept on Tuesday night, right hand side and Thursday night on the left hand side. Tuesday and Thursday begin at midnight Monday and Wednesday. Keep that all in your head. And miraculously, the streets never look better for their cleaning. No, the better best part of this city service is the separation of the foolish resident from his or her money.

Melanin pigmentation is like oxygen. I feel insane without it. To live among white people with no chaser is like drinking grain alcohol straight up. It will roast your esophagus, it will swell your liver, it will obliterate brain cells.

A buddy of mine here was talking about how people think “THIS” America, is civilization. This is NOT civilization. What was here before THIS turd of a culture was civilization. People who respect land, air and sea can be said to be civilized. People who don’t respect human life, bird or beast, terra firma or ozygen can not be said to be civilized.

As I run the gauntlet of meter maids and flying saucers on wheels, I reflect on the loss of the so called savage, the primitive and wonder how to shake off this education, this obsession with gadgetry signifying nothing but the spiritual poverty endemic to our world. How can I retreat, keep my brains and spirit entact? How can I avoid genuflecting at the altar of the Godless Dollar, when it takes so many to keep your head above water?

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