My loyal readers, I know I have never taken on this subject before…Excuse me AND Fear not! It is not a topic that I speak of publicly or lightly. And it is not a subject that I speak on from a position of expertise, but rather, confusion and mystification. And hope.

I love many, though, the contours of my ‘devotion’ may seem prickly to my more ardent habitues. I love life and this world and I am desperately in love with the earthlings that inhabit it. To me, the first requirement of love (as in the action of love) is paying attention. Seeing. The parent who simply sits with their child and observes without judgement the incredible sayings and doings of their offspring – LOVE!

There are many layers of human behavior – words and deeds, assertions and actions. The conflict between them and the observance of contradiction brings to mind another facet of love: mirroring. If I love you, I will tell you or mirror back to you what I see. I hope you will do the same for me, not out of revenge, but out of love. My love falls short when it becomes a retaliatory strike that creates havoc and collateral damage. I’ve done this numerous times – generally when I’ve fallen off of the spiritual beam and slogged in the swamp of coon consciousness.

Love is telling your friend your truth and having them receive it as a love note and not a poison pen. And vice versa. Love is a tango where each partner takes the lead. Love allows the heat of emotion to spike and subside and the conversation that rides that rollicking rollercoaster to fall to rest.

How many love that hard that they can even ride that rollercoaster to the gate? How many jump out mid ride?

Love is a moving target, swallowed up in past hurts and pains, this masquerade, a love facade behind a Halloween ‘Scream’ mask chortling FEAR!!

Boo Hoo, Baby!

I love people’s potential and despise their stubborn fealty to mediocrity and myopia. Perhaps its my own mediocrity and myopia and fear to shine that I despise even more. Too.

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