Paris Leads The Way

I love Paris. “Paris is a Woman,” and other eye watering sentiments strike a deep chord within me. And yet…France ain’t shit, I mean the nation-state. I draw a distinction between the oasis – Paris – and the racist government – France. They do diverge. That being said, its still better than in this fucker here. And they mo’ advanced.

Exhibit A: What’s happening now. The riots that are ongoing, Day 12, are exactly the measures we need to see one day in our little burg. The immigrant/North African/African/Algerian who catches more hell there than we’ve ever seen KNOWS that his government doesn’t have no love for him. When those two African children were chased – like Yusuf Hawkins – to their deaths, the fuse that had been lit by the ill and mistreatment, the racist, fascist police stops, police state arrayed against them to control them, while they live like dogs – burned to the powder keg. They through!

When will we see through the democratic veneer lacquered over our lazy eyes, as they have? These immigrants, these ‘un-melting-pot-able Niggas Francais’ be fed up, not only with callous French governance, but with the illusions that they’ve caressed like a long lost lover. That love has died, as generation after non-integrate-able generation has suffered deportations, identity card checks and savage unemployment that’s yet to be solved.

So Paris is finally burning, burning because the French jive has worn nigga-thin. When will the American hand-jive elicit catcalls, tomatoes and the match sticks required to create a real melting pot? Seems melting shit done got Chirac’s attention; wonder if another fire dance is in order elsewhere on planet earth to bring about freedom and justice?

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