Racism As Mental Illness

Yo, peep this: I’m not talking about ethnic disputes, tribal grievances or the like. I’m talking about RACISM the global system of thought and action that places white over non-white in all areas of people activity, including: labor, law, entertainment, education, sex, etc. I’m talking about the system that calls itself “civilized” while perpetrating the cruelest, most inhumane, savage, bestial ongoing series of crimes in the history of the planet.

White Supremacy has killed more people than any other imperative on the planet. How many indigenous tribes have been and are being EXTERMINATED by the white man? How many tribes were wiped out here? And what was the philosophy of the exterminators? That they were superior and that the wild tribes they crushed were so many roaches to be squashed underfoot. Good riddance.

White Supremacy is killing not only the people, but the Land, the Planet that we live on, poisoned by the same racist imperative that drives him to drive us like so much cattle.

You mention Rwanda? Your people did dat, darn it!! Well: who allowed Rwanda to happen, did nothing when the violence hung on the precipice, then evacuated all the white folks, but not the black?

The Tuskegee Experiment: black men and women allowed to suffer and die of syphillis – the US Health Service knowingly and with malice did more than nothing; they studied these niggas like lab rats to see what syphillis would do to ’em, ensured that generations of black people would contract it and live without receiving the medication that could have easily cured it.

The disease of Racism/White Supremacy has white folks believing that technological “superiority” equals moral, mental or spiritual superiority. They strut around like their shit doesn’t stink, pushing niggas off the sidewalk as they sashay around the globe, from Sao Paulo to Paris, chins held high. They are unseeing Ostriches, seeing not what they do or the folly of their technical mastery that fails to mask a rampant spirtual poverty.

If racism is an equal opportunity employer, ‘Where are the people of color claiming racial superiority AND treating the world like a port-a-potty?’

Callousness , greed, inhuman indifference and inaction, denial, moral bankruptcy – on a global scale is the province of the European, and is the fingerprint of Racism/White Supremacy.

Harmony with the world, with the environment, yields – within Civilization – to the
‘Pac Man’ method of social relations, the gobbling of resources, land and people in pursuit of MORE MORE MORE!!!

Racism as mental illness – a mental illness whose primary host is white – is rooted in a feeling of mega INFERIORITY which requires the projection of that feeling onto an appropriate “OTHER” who embodies one’s superior, now inferior. If one is truly superior, proving or legislating the inferiority of an “other” would be unthinkable, cruel, unnecessary. True superiority would breed humility, wouldn’t it, not chest thumping, world conquering hubris. One could live and let live if they were truly ‘better than, no?’

But there is something in this man that is so insecure, so unsettled, so lacking. He has to make up for his inadequacy by ruling the planet, now even the galaxy. He must steal the best land for himself; he builds obscene mansions and castles while millions starve and sleep on his streets – and he doesn’t care; and then again, maybe he does care; maybe he is SOOOOO sick that he needs to have a perpetual nigga living like a beast beneath his heel in order to make him feel that more secure in his own person. Damn!?

This man, finally, has created an arsenal of weapons that can destroy all God’s green earth 100 times over. If he’s so superior, why the hell is he so scared?

Control. This is what that man needs. Que sera sera is not in his lexicon; he must control other men and women, their wombs, their minds out of his obsessive need that there be no idol other than his own white self. Even God’s got to be white for him!!

The real revolution ain’t gonna be no political movement; its gonna be getting white folks “collective race therapy”, helping them come to grips with their disease, their corrosive sense of inferiority masked thinly by superiority doctrine. WE – the Planet and all people – are dying from their failure to seek treatment. Ya’ll need to see that white culture is ‘caveman culture,’ technologically advanced though it may be. Learning lessons from and understanding the inferior cultures around us that have managed not to destroy planet earth – should be required study. The indigenous cultures should be seen as superior culture in terms of leaving a tiny imprint/footprint on the planet. How bout that?

White Culture, Racist/White Supremacist Culture is a slaughterhouse, don’t care how many I-Pods or widgets it produces. Technology is no cover or comfort for the white man’s crimes. And no labels – liberal, progressive, conservative – exempt white people from taking real ACTION (not the phony action they be engaged in) to heal their people and us all.

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