She ain’t gone nowhere! She lives in the rebellious, intelligence of our youth. They are standing up, holding mikes, painting word pictures and verbal sculptures characterizing their lives and limitations. Some complain that our children have lost their way – but it is their way that has lost them. And now they seek to find it through various explorations induced from without: sex, drugs, drug dealing, rapping, shooting.

Our youth are being programmed to self destruct. But it is heartening to hear the voices of so many who are still awake, whose bulb has quite been dimmed. I listen to Hiphop and hear it for the garbage that it is and then realize that it is a medium. Currently, its been co-opted by the same devilish forces that rule the planet, bullwhipping artists with one hand and seducing them with Franklins and Washingtons in the other. But there’s still that mustard seed, that Rosa spark alive in them, in us.

It may be that in order for this society to change, we gon’ have to sit our fat asses down. Sit down on the consumerism, on the gas guzzling, on the tax payin’, on the military participatin’. Perhaps when we hold a nation wide sitdown strike and refuse… I said RE-MUTHAFUCKIN-FUSE to allow it/this/Amerikkka to continue to proceed…That’s revolutionary. AND that’s Rosa.

She was tired, tired of the indignity, of the abuse, the disrespect. And she decided that she wasn’t gon’ take it no mo’!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it ain’t gon’ change until white folks stop lying and pretending that they are doing something to change shit when they ain’t, AND stop lapping up white privilege which makes them stupidly believe that bullshit; black folks and other people of color are gonna have to decolonize their minds and bodies, drop the malt liquor, chicken wings, Lexus’ and cardigans and peep that they are helping prop up Hitler X 10000.

Rosa did her thang, she sparked that wick. All praises for the sista for doin’ her thng!!! We know we got a powderkeg, who gonna light the fuse?

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