De Facto Black Holocaust Denial

“Man who said gas chambers didn’t exist will remain in jail,” read the headline.

I didn’t know this, but it is ILLEGAL in several European countries (France, Germany, Austria) to publicly claim that ‘THE’ Holocaust did not happen. This is the only holocaust that matters to white folks – The Jews during WWII – in spite of the fact that millions of gypsys, Africans, queers were gassed as well. A British historian today, David Irving, languishes in an Austrian jail for the crime of Holocaust denial.

King Leopold of Belgium killed between 10-20 million black Congolese people – but that ain’t no holocaust.

Meanwhile, a nation of millions to the west, a nation that perpetrated a Black Holocaust that continues to this day, churns out two or three films per year at least – on “THE” Holocaust, as opposed to THEIR Holocaust. ‘Denial is de facto’, is the prevailing law of the this land, our land.

If the crime is denied, then of course no solutions to the crime and its aftereffects will be sought. They don’t make movies about OUR HOLOCAUST, won’t even call it OUR HOLOCAUST because they don’t want to pay. The payment would not only be monetary; by necessity it would require a psychic payment, a psychic cleansing. The key pillar of this society – Racism/White Supremacy – would have to be toppled. And that pillar is the viagra of this white society. Thas’ one drug ya’ll ain’t lettin’ go of no time soon!

Its fascinating watching white folks of every stripe fall over each other condemning Sadaam, Bin Laden, Hitler, Bush or Rumsfeld, when the problem is so much closer to home – in the mirror.

If white Americans ever actually LOOKED unsparingly at the evil that they have wrought, that they facilitate and that they – through their proxies – are visiting on people of color here and across the globe, what a horror movie that would be!

Yet, they have mastered the Art of the Ostrich: any unpleasantness in my nest, head burrowed deep into dark Mother Earth. And an adjunct to that strategy: talk about the Nazis, talk about the Israelis, talk about the Corporations. Never talk about your own white self.

Drive your VW bus from the Stone Age and stick your chest out; why, you use vegetable oil! Form your little West Virginia/incestuous ass clique of trashily garbed, pot smoking rebels with a cause: The Cause be pretending you ain’t white like your pappy and gobbling up mo’ white privilege than a Klansman at a clambake.

I’m writing my black congresswoman and asking her to propose legislation banning “Black Holocaust Denial”, not in word, but in deed. We ain’t gonna allow no lefties to go fight for Palestinian rights fo’ they fight for ours!! We revoking all passports until ya’ll get a ghetto pass and end the ghetto-ization/gentrification/penal colonization of Amerikkka.

You can’t just “Adopt-A-Nigga” (You KNOW who you are) and use him as a lawn jockey to show how progressive and hip you are while you step over the carcasses of dead niggas left and right. Naw, you go straight to fuckin’ jail until you admit what you and your peeps did and are doing in your muthafuckin’ name.

As long as you are white…you will need a nigga to suffer.

When you gonna change, yo?!

3 Responses to “De Facto Black Holocaust Denial”

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