Katrina = New Age Gentrification

By Maxjulian

March 7, 2006

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Why people pretending to be so upset?

In every big and not so big city in the US, black folks and other dark people are and have been dealing with their own little Tsunami-sized levee break. For years! A white tide, as opposed to a white tornado, sweeps up the poor colored folk out of the now desireable inner city core into the previously vanilla suburbs.

What’s happening in NO is part of a continuum – ain’t nothing new. The brazen-ness of the deed departs from current SOP of the mAn, but ain’t nothin’ new. As previously posted, Marimba Ani devastatingly coined the phrase and the key feature of Euro-American culture: “Hypocrisy As A Way of Life.”

“Smiling faces that tell lies…and I got PROOF!”

Who knows anything about Black Wall Street, the community in Tulsa, OK that had the largest concentration of black businesses and black wealth on the planet at the time? Who knew that a riotous, jealous, white mob burnt to the ground – what took twenty years to build – in twenty four hours?!

This is how WEEEE do it in Amerikkka! Niggas get up on a financial cloud nine & then the Rolling Stones chime in: “…Hey (HEY), you (YOU) GET OFFA MY CLOUD!!!”

Now we know Bush lied through his teeth, knew what was gonna happen in NO. Some call it incompetence, but I call it ‘A Free 911’ or, ‘A 911 Without the Dynamite.’ ‘Why, they had all those no ‘count Knee-groes living on prime real estate. Sheet, that was a blessing from the God of ReMax.

These folks are too deceitful to be incompetent. They KNOW what they do. When their friends don’t make a profit – the defense contractors and oil speculators – then their actions can be said to be incompetent. Thus far, they clickin’ on all cylinders.

It is us that pretends that they don’t know, that they can be reasoned with, or voted out.

They’ve got plans for us

Saul Williams said,

this man’s hands got plans for us.

When we gon’ plan?

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