Revolutionary Bulimia

By Maxjulian

March 13, 2006

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Kidnapped Peace Activist Tom Fox Found Dead in Iraq
In Iraq, the body of American peace activist Tom Fox has been found in Baghdad, over three months after he was kidnapped along with three other members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams. The whereabouts of the other three hostages remains unknown. The 54-year-old Fox opposed the U.S. invasion and occupation and had traveled to Iraq to help jailed Iraqis get in touch with their families. In his final email to friends, Fox explained why he was in Iraq. He wrote “We are here to stand with those being dehumanized by oppressors and stand firm against that dehumanization. We are here to stop people, including ourselves, from dehumanizing any of God’s children, no matter how much they dehumanize their own souls.

The seat of the global oppressor and the world’s most wanted terrorists, the SOG as J.Edgar Hoover termed it, is right here in America, home to Reality TV and EggBeaters. Iraq and Israel are mere outposts in the imperial puzzle called the New World Order, yet, we got lefties goin’ hither and yon runnin’ from the fight to the fight. There’s plenty o’ red blooded, blue eyed oppression & dehumanization goin’ on right here in Up South! Why can’t ya’ll stand with me and my Niggas in all the American NoPo’s?

I’m putting an APB out for all the Tom Fox’s and Rachel Corrie’s: Come Home and FIGHT With Yo’ Darker Siblings!!!!!!!!!!!

They gettin’ ready to march agin’ [‘Stop the War: Part 2100.’ The fact that this sequel hasn’t come C(a)LOSE to toppling massa hasn’t prevented these political Otto Premingers from re-producing the same ole movie madness.] Malcolm nailed it when he suggested that if your actions were to stop THE war or any war, you’d be too busy swingin’ to be singin’!!!

When you go to this next march (and you know that you will) listen carefully to the calls to action: write or email your Congressman or your Congresswoman – who is an equal opportunity turncoat, vote, listen to Air Hysterical or mArCh. There will be no calls to shut this mutha fucka a.k.a. the country/guv’ment down, march on the Congress and occupy it, don’t let the bizness of INjustice proceed until WE the people are finally in charge.

Revolution! Revolution disrupts and destroys the machinery of demonic power (X, Ward Churchill); it doesn’t feed it, coddle it, make side deals with it, elect it, bark like a dog around it with NO bite. Where’s your bite ya REVOLUTIONARY BEOTCH?!

Sadly, ya’ll bein’ invited yet again, on the leftwing Ferris Wheel and the complicitous-collaborationist-cutting edge Merry-Go-Round. Feeling a little queasy, are you? But that’s the point, Yo! These are the ‘Revolutionary Bulimics’ – thumb down their esophagus, retching out the same ole Wheatina for mass consumption. Call it another Jim Jones Memorial banquet without the strychnine.

Where’s the strategy, where’s the planning, you ask? Why there’s NONE required, since this isn’t action, but a pleasant fascimile of it. No, attendees receive the milky, regurgitated pus called a demonstraction, spoonfed us by white men and their henchwomen who look strangely – ‘cept for their bizarre, unkempt hair – like the white men and women who run this alleged country.

You feel good after the march – and that’s the point, not social change, or justice. Handing back your white privilege, saying ‘no thanks’, being a ‘John Brown’ ally to people of color isn’t cribbed into your hemp Blackberry just yet.

The Rules For Radicals 21st Century Style are de-nutted, de-natured and keep the same white folks in the same position: the Missionary and fucking everybody and the planet!

I’ve been criticized for repeatedly saying the same thing about white liberals/radicals; but hey, Johnny Cochran said if the shoe fits you must convict. The conditions ain’t changed so why change the tempo? I’m stayin’ on message, babybubba, until this mess of a movement wakes up.

Actually, I have a better idea: @ PSU this spring, let’s hold a Conference on the State of the Revolution. Let’s invite blacks, browns, reds and even whites (though they can’t mis-lead this thing), sit down and WE start analyzing and plannin’ ACTIONS to halt, disrupt, prevent the imperialist, facist un-government from operating. NOW! WE plan our nation’s future instead of reactively bitchin’ or carefully plotting the next field trip through the Park Blocks.

Planning; not to walk or elect, but to create, in fact, a new paradigm. The old one is dead. We don’t need the same tired old, new age racist hippie-types and their colored lackeys who can’t see 2 feet in front of their fudge caked noses mucking up the works any longer. Where’s Dr. Kervorkian when you need him?!

We MUST de-colonize these brainwashed lefties who haven’t met a slogan they didn’t wish to write. We need to reprogram these Norman Bate’s Knee-groes who are so in love with 60’s tactics, that they’ll clutch the skeletal hand of their long lost freedom to their final reward.

So long, Rosa!

Let’s get busy. Let’s lay the groundwork for revolution, create a blueprint and a foundation. Are you out there? Are you with me? Email me and let me know where you stand and when you wanna plan this thang.

Change, Nigga, CHANGE!

5 Responses to “Revolutionary Bulimia”

  1. what the world needs to know , and especially in the united states, is that anything african , especially male , is considered NOT human. a lot of whites dont realize this. i am as light as any continental european might be but its that detectable slight difference in my features that got me assaulted , nearly killed by police, lied to and lied about .all this happened in a town in usa where people smile and have coffee while one block away african men are being called ni88er right in front of people on the street. nobody does or cares about it. if you complain to police they will blame YOU for a white mans assault on YOUR person!! inn france they sure are awakening!!! wake up USA! later on ..!

  2. Ya, it’s a mass crime long past dealing with. As a white communist I even have my own side to tell in this sad tale.

    But one thing whites and blax have to get past is all the ‘false moves’ that set each other off. We have to get past that, because it’s really more about being strangers than anything else — it’s just this bastard capitalist society which fills those false moves with its poisonous, phony content. We have to get past all that by building our own color-blind, solidly proletarian mass organizations.

  3. oh, comendante gringo, i was with ya right up to the “color-blind” part–when white folks start screaming color blind, i usually duck for cover, because color blind usually means “white” *not* brown, red, yellow, or olive…color-blind–what does that look like, what does that mean? it is another phrase that needs to be challenged and investigated and stripped down before radical people of color can begin to use it without flinching–

    max–and excellent analysis…i’m so happy we connected!!

  4. Brownfemipower:

    I must tell you that reading your blog leaves me incredibly humbled. I feel like a pretender when I read your excellently sourced, powerful, funny, stinging, hot shots of truth. Keep up the amazing work!


    I’ve making this request of several IMPORTANT blogging citizens I read that haven’t already covered it.

    It’s conflated with this Duke mess BUT may also have the additional effect of … shall we say, leveling a long-time playing field?

    Please take a look not only at the statement but the comments:

    So here’s my question:

    Given what one of the commenters there said about the furor that went on over Janet’s nipple(never mind the fact that no one seems to have EVER commented on Justin, who pulled down her damn shirt in the first place), is anyone looking into whether Rush’s license can be pulled by the FCC on obscenity grounds?

    Can someone important (e.g., someone with a potent blog readership) at least file a complaint?

    Do you see that “the people” may have the power to silence him if we dare to use it?

    Do we dare put our “money” where our mouths are?

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