Born Illegal

By Maxjulian

April 6, 2006

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So lemme get this straight: the descendants of the people who stole this country (The ‘Original Illegals’) from the Native Americans (The ‘Original Owners’), are now self righteously agitating for and/or creating NEW laws to criminalize poor brown people whose home turf this once was. AND some of these white racists are forming vigilante posses to do violence to and/or bar these colored victims’ of World Bank/NAFTA/death squad ‘humanitarian aid’ from our country.

WE disenfranchise, empoverish and KILL – through our cunning foreign, military and economic policies – Americans to our south and wonder why they flock here for the superior opportunities we offer to OUR people?

Lawd ham mercy, the logic is priceless!

7 Responses to “Born Illegal”

  1. hey! i love the site changes!!!
    and you got it on this illegal immigration bull shit.

  2. BFP: Hope you’re feeling better and thanks.

  3. Doobie doobie doooooo!

  4. Yay! Like your changes and post on this. See ya at noon? (One way or another FOB or rally)

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