Why I Love The French and Joined the “Blame America First” Club

From CNN:

France to scrap youth jobs law

Monday, April 10, 2006

PARIS, France (CNN) — The French government has scrapped a controversial youth job law, bowing to weeks of million-strong protests with a change of heart likely to further undermine the image of the country’s embattled Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin.

Do we still have labor unions in the US?

I worked for several unions – the Hotel & Restaurant Employees (HERE), Service Employees Union (SEIU), Food & Allied Service Trades (FAST). Research and organizing. My niggafied brain computer analysis spits out thusly:

Union internal power structures are at best clones of the hierarchical, “Kimosabe”/white patriarchal, glass ceiling-ed bunkers of the US corporation and the Federal Government. At worst, these organizations be petty fiefdoms, ruled by cynical businessmen – with a velvet fist – talkin’ ‘worker power’ and ‘social justice’ out the side of their neck. Abacus frozen in their flesy, white hands, its really ’bout gross payroll and pension funds, cigars and cars, bankrolls and ho’s.

Where is all that ‘worker power’ they sposed to be leveraging on our behalf?

Shit, they cuddled up to the Democratic Party, that’s where, cooing in that jive bastard’s ear while the workers are laid-off, union officials are PAID-OFF and worker pensions are made off with. How can they be your friend and the Democratic Party’s friend too? The evidence suggests: they ain’t.

Say what cha’ll want about the French – they rude, bitchy, jealous, petty – far as I’m concerned they got the best bread and cheese on the planet, mo’ flava than most stateside niggas, AND, their labor and social justice movement makes ours look like a back alley abortion. American labor needs a mutha fuckin’ colonic; our progressive movement ain’t had that good mornin’ BM for decades. Push, nigga, push!

The French shut shit down, shut Paris down when the government don’t act right; we get “permits” to “demonstrate” how ‘perturbed’ we are; march on the nicely manicured lawns of the Mall in DC…NOT, rampage through the fucking streets, taking back the power our Constitution supposedly grants us. Excuse-moi s’il vous plait? The French, whether ya love ’em or hate ’em, do be gettin’ results.

Nah, our criminal government steals with impunity and the Agency of the people – labor and self titled ‘progressive’ organizations’ be accessories after the fact. Posing as defiant dissenters, they help load the people’s wealth and freedom onto the Neo-Con Brinks’ Truck.

The world burns while we fiddle.

And NOW is a good time for them to hit – Iran!?

It wasn’t enough to disenfranchise mo’ niggas than the poll tax, grandfather clause and Klan intimidation combined – during ELECTION 2000. OR, to use computer voting to delete niggas again from the voter rolls in 2004 and insert ‘4 mo’ years for Bush.’ Wasn’t enough, to make war on an innocent nation ruled by an American sponsored puppet whose only crime was growing a spine….

Nope, this is a perfect time for another military assault against another sovereign, oil producing country. Our democratic way of life – a.k.a. the system of racism/white supremacy/sexism/imperialism, etc. – is threatened by Iran doing exactly what we’ve done, only 1 million times over.

Well, what cha’ gonna do about it, NIGGA? France is still an option.

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