Michelle Malkin is a Right Wing Comfort Woman

By Maxjulian

April 13, 2006

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Comfort Women

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Comfort women or military comfort women is a euphemism for women who were forced to work as sex slaves in military brothels in Japanese-occupied countries during World War II.

Who is holding Michelle Malkin in involuntary servitude between a rock and a nut sack? Bill O’Reilly? Sean Hannity? The Symbionese Liberation Army? This modern Patty Hearst’s shackles are not quite visible but the tireless service, the slatternly, eight inch pumps and the scary mascara are all evidence of her selfless toiling.

She toils not for those most like her, the Asian community, but her white masters who pay her well for her silver tongued, yellow treachery. Bedazzled by the instant access and payola offered to any colored jezebel or Benedict Arnold, Michelle re rather than de constructs racism, offering a “Happy Days” view of naked imperialism and lynch mob terrorism.

Like Larry Elder and Ken Hamblin, both ‘Hall of Shame-less Fame’ black judas’ and unrepentant sambos, Michelle breaks new ground in the ‘sell out for the pay out,’ ’15 Minute of Fame-Prized Ho of the Month’ jackpot. Niggas are getting paid so much to intellectually buck dance with a banana belt that I’m even considering pulling a William O’Neal and selling out a pro-black group, but damn if I can find one!

I need a new car – but I digress!

I propose the formation of an SWAT team intervention to breakdown the padlocked door of her Parkay addled mind.

FREE Michelle Malkin, FREE Michelle Malkin!

4 Responses to “Michelle Malkin is a Right Wing Comfort Woman”

  1. i wouldn’t mind seeing her in a pin-up…but it’s true, the Right adores self hating people of color.

  2. But how do you feel about Ann Coulter in a pin up? That’s the real litmus test.

  3. Who is holding Michelle Malkin in involuntary servitude between a rock and a nut sack?

    Oh, that was hilarious!

  4. TMJ: Thanks for the LOVE 🙂

    Methinks she’s holding herself there. To quote Jill Nelson, its all about that “Volunteer Slavery.” 5’ll get you ten turncoat niggas, colored judas’ or benedict arnolds.

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