“Racism is a crime in Brazil not subject to bail”

From ESPN:

April 12, 2006

Brazilian soccer player faces criminal racism charge (Associated Press)

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Prosecutors on Wednesday charged a Brazilian soccer player with racism, a crime in Brazil, for insulting an opponent in a match last month.


Clearly, racism is not a crime Aux Etats Unis. In the United States. Certain crimes that generically isolate the emotion and spirit in which the deed is perpetrated are deemed “hate.” This term doesn’t account for the terrible, arcane architecture that sustains the ‘white necked’ crime spree called Racism/White Supremcacy. This is the only racism worthy of the name.

Racism, by both its conscious and unconscious adherents, is considered to be an equal opportunity employer. Everybody can be racist and is, regularly. The movie “Crash” won the Best Picture Oscar precisely because it delivers the drug of choice to the guilty white who needs to fudge their complicity in the system of R/WS. In Crash’s telling, the dusky ‘Other’ is just as big a racist cum stain as Mr. Charlie, da Boss Man. Incivility and stinging invective by verb busting darkies, is equated with hoisting up and pumping oxygen into the global white supremacy edifice.

Well what is racism or prejudice, for that matter? How do they differ? Can everyone be racist? Does it matter? Do white people who believe that ALL people are capable of being racists, truly believe that? OR, is this a strategic chess or, ‘Rosemary Woods’ move, whereby one deletes from their brain-computer any data suggesting that: A)the ‘meritocracy’ is a myth and that, B)’pulling oneself up by the bootstraps is quite different when – only da white folks get da boots! The self-erasure of inconvenient psychic and cultural truth and the “necessary illusions” (Chomsky) white folk must spin in order to tip toe through the colored carnage that supports their deathstyles requires topshelf dementia.

There’s been a conversation going on over at:


Check out the Poor (white) Boy and his online white paper on black racism. The funny thing is that the only racism he acknowledges – or should I say, overstates – is non-white racism. On his planet, poor white folks were more manipulated than the colored folk who chased and shot at the Native American during the white man’s theft of America. (Did I say that?) I know that the ‘black’ Buffalo Soldiers did some o’ the white man’s dirty work, going on Indian raids to clear the land for ‘progress’ – but how does that compare to the yeoman service done by the hordes of white homesteaders and frontiersman who skinned and butchered their way to Cali? To be a nappy haired stage hand or a porter in the “Big White Show” makes you equivalent to the Hitlerian masterminds and the SS?!

I guess one’s perspective depends on whether your ancestors were the ones hanging from the tree or the ones throwin’ the rope over the tree limb. My people at no time had the option of retreating into color coded anonymity, or the safety and security of the mob; never had the SUPPORT of a system (of privilege) created on OUR behalf. White racism was a supersonic socio-political, cultural and economic development. And this movement is ongoing.

No slavery on planet earth OTHER than that which took place on these shores – RAPED an entire race multiple shades of BEIGE!!!!! No slavery on earth “generationally” confined ANY people to involuntary servitude on the basis of race, separated their families, sold their children! As Public Enemy said, “it took a nation of millions to hold us back.” It took a nation and a race of police and ‘fugitive’ slavecatchers,bootblacks and craftsmen, tycoons and tradesmen, Presidents and pimps – all WHITE & working in concert – to create White Heaven a.k.a. the United States.


Maybe Brazil, backwards as it is thanks to years of US meddling, is on to something. NO bail for the white brain deleters & racists and reparations for their red, black, brown and yellow victims.

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