Response to a Po’ White Boy

By Maxjulian

April 15, 2006

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Taken out of context but you might feel me:

Maxjulian said…

Hollowentry: Right on post! It seems like any time progress in this conversation threatens to occur, somebody takes the argument to outer space. I believe that the concept of the “idiot savant” extends to racism and the thinking of red blooded racists. I mean, these guys were talking some ethereal shit that was making my eyes water. Its a kind of brilliant idiocy and extremely impressive. They dispose very neatly of logic and truth, by poring buckets of inexact, obtuse words into the mix. Thelonious Monk called it, “Ugly Beauty.” My hats are off to these guys in a tactical sense only.

When you get a white person who has broken through the professional dishonesty, the reflexive denial and can actually speak clearly and directly, the contrast between you and them is shocking.

PWB said: “If this nation is built on white priviledge, then white priviledge has to get some credit for the economic success of the nation — and since all Americans benefit from the economic success of the nation (as opposed to living in the third world or something) then everyone in America(n) benefits in some way by the institutions that we live within, good or bad.”

I feel faint! I mean, I guess there’s truth in that: white privilege has done some good, mostly for the white man. His nation’s economic success is without question. For those of us who are not a part of his nation, except when you need a running back, cannon fodder or a belly warmer, its debatable that we can view benefits that accrue to white people as some kind of success – for us all. For the Native American, white privilege has been a disaster by any indice of health – mental, economic or otherwise. For the African, who through organized rape by the white man, has turned a million shades of beige, white supremacy hasn’t been anything to write home about. Is it any better for the Mexican, the Guatemalan, etc?

I guess you could say we niggas benefit from all the technology and toys floating about, but when you’re mainly locked up or drugged up, courtesy of CIA Pharmaceuticals its hard to find the words.

Do you guys understand how the Third World got to be the Third World? Read a little Chomsky, or Zinn, or William Blum – ‘Killing Hope’ is a good place to start. Who knows what Africa, or Asia or South and Central America would look like if they had been left alone to develop at their pace and in their own way. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, a number of evil Europen empires colonized, subverted, perverted and generally fucked up three continents.

By contrast:

Name one black nation that has colonized a white nation and imposed black apartheid. Name one black nation that rules a white majority by force, that enacts racist laws that advantages black, brown or red people over white and that controls the education, labor, law, entertainment, media, military, in other words, the entire architecture of the society – for the benefit of non-whites, to the detriment of whites. Tell me about the conference of black nations that conspired to rape Europe and did so.

You can’t name one. But, you will try to draw some kind of moral equivalence between spasmodic, impolite, prejudicial behavior of non-whites and the thoroughly organized, coordinated, methodical ‘A to Z’ racism constructed by the white man. Have you guys never taken a sociology class? Or read a dictionary, or a history book? Damn!

One Response to “Response to a Po’ White Boy”

  1. Uh, white privilege and murder made this country. Sure. White privilege made this country off the backs of others. PWB is tripping if he thinks it’s okay to annihilate races of people for greed.

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