Will They Organize Marches to Protest This!?

By Maxjulian

April 19, 2006

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Not Guilty’
All-white jury clears officers in 4 of 5 charges
Posted: April 15, 2006

An all-white jury deliberated for more than 25 hours before finding three former Milwaukee police officers not guilty Friday night on four of five charges in the brutal beating of Frank Jude Jr., who is biracial.

The Milwaukee County jury deadlocked on one charge in the case. Jude was beaten outside a party for off-duty police officers at a Bay View home in October 2004.

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Let’s see how many unions, peaceniks or CodePinks organize nationally around this case. Is Cindy Sheehan flyin’ in? Oh, I forgot, they only march around shit that happens a world away, and then its only a picnic. The marches of yore, when citizens actually rocked the socks off of knee shaking politicians and tried to affect real change, have given way to protest as ‘resume builder’, ‘fashion accessory’, keepin’ up with the ‘unkempt-hemp set’ (“didn’t I see you at the last march?”) or ‘conscience qweller’ (“I know I live in a mansion, but I listen to 50Cent, hold my dick and sashay in pigeon-toed lockstep with all dem other hippies – NIGGA!”)

When professional protesters begin supporting the niggas over here, I’ll believe they are sincere when they start professing “solidarity” with the ones in Iraq. Until then…Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Gangsta Party!

2 Responses to “Will They Organize Marches to Protest This!?”

  1. Exactly.

    Your post reminds me of the recents demos in Paris. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about people taking to the streets to fight oppressive laws–and I wish it happened on such a large scale in North America–but everyone’s going on about how the people in the streets, hundreds of thousands at a time over weeks, were all working together: from the students and unions to the youth of the housing projects to recent immigrants. But in the midst of these demos, where people, who can’t get a job unless they change their name and attempt to pass, were standing in solidarity with French people of western european origin, a demo for immigrant rights in Paris only pulled 15,000 people. Where were the hundreds of thousands protesting labour laws then?

  2. No one gives a fuck when we die, Max. Like BFP said today on her post, isolated incidents happen all the time. No one wants to see that there are too many to call them isolated…it’s nicer to pretend the beating, raping, killing etc. of minorities is an aberration—rather than the norm.

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