WE Can’t Let This Continue – Can We?!

By Maxjulian

April 24, 2006

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From CNN:

Rice on Iran: ‘We can’t let this continue’
Russia, Britain also blast Tehran’s nuclear move

Wednesday, April 12, 2006; Posted: 1:22 p.m. EDT (17:22 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) — U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday that it is “time for action” on the international demands for Iran to cease its uranium enrichment activities.

Which nation dropped – not one but TWO – nuclear bombs on a civilian population? (Any US history book)

Which paragon of virtue has routinely experimented on its on guinea pigs, er, citizens by deliberately releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere – just to see what the fuck happens? (William Blum: Rogue State)

Who’s killing Mother Earth and lying all the way to the bank ’bout it? (Any reputable environmental source)

Which ‘standard bearer’ of liberty is currently using nuclear waste materials – called ‘depleted uranium’ – in their “bunker buster” and “anti-tank” shells? AND, who exposed and continues to expose their own troops (not to mention the innocent Iraqi citizens) to the vicious consequences of DU poisoning, including birth defects in their unborn seed and horrific, bizarre cancers that are contagious?! (Democracy Now, the European press, mega sources)

Who’s terrorizing immigrants? (USE Your plain-ass eyes)

Who’s criminalizing an already suffering, huddled, desperate mass – created PRIMARILY by our foreign policy, death squad double-dealing and supported by Central and South American political and business elites – a group of human beings that this God forsaken death camp claims to welcome, but only through the proper channels?

From what channel or route did you and your people enter this Red Land? What passport did you flash as you passed border control?

Now, here comes Condoleeza ‘Pochantas’ Rice – the White Man’s Black Woman – selling her ass and thimble sized soul for six pieces of fake silver, performing yeoman ‘Nigga Kneepad’ duty for da boss…while alternately boo-hooing about Iran?! Hefer, you don’t have to look far for a nuclear scofflaw. All you gots to do is crawl outta the White House attic (which is where they keep servile belly warmers) and peep the Department of Offense-Defense, the Energy Department and the nigga sitting, knees at your chin with that morning glow on his blasphemous, puerile face.


Like a good sistah said recently and I paraphrase, “we need to ride on this mutha fucka fo’ real.” We need to do it French-Style. Fuck up THEIR program until they give the mo’ fo’ people what we wants. Are ya wit me?

If the law enforcers be the law breakers, then we accessories after the fact unless we make citizen arrests and soon. Jail and the Gallows for Bush, Rumsfeld, Rove and the rest of these Nazis in business suits.

PS We need to use the blogging universe we have at our disposal to organize the revolution to come, educate the masses and prep them for the hardships and the opportunities ahead. We CAN do this. We MUST do this. Trite as it sounds, future generations will judge us extremely harshly if we don’t, judge us as the Nazi collaboraters of our day. And they won’t be wrong if we don’t act.

Justice, THEN Peace.

All Power to ALL the People

5 Responses to “WE Can’t Let This Continue – Can We?!”

  1. speakin clear as ever, the brotha man MAX JULIAN!!!!!!!!!


  2. I’m pleased about the impeachment proceedings in California, Vermont and Illinois…

    Citizen arrest–what a great and appropriate idea.

    “Nazis in business suits” not an exaggeration.

    What happened to our coastal event-planning slumber party?

    Nice post!

  3. AMEN! TELL IT MAX JULIEN! Man, love that post. Live that post! I am so sick of this hypocritical murdering government! Trying to pimp Iran because they want to be like everybody else. Shoot, if I was one of the few countries w/out nuclear weapons, I’d start up a program too! The us/Bush just wants to stay in the middle east and fuck up some more stuff, so they can continue to steal more oil to satisfy our car cravings. Argh!

    BTW, your blog is the bomb…I was sprung when you posted about Malcom X’s anniversary and I was moved to tears. Thanks for more inspiration!

  4. Thanks, TMJ. You da bomb wit yo’ bad self!!

  5. Sea,

    That shit went right out the window! Haven’t even given it a thought.

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