Do YOU Know Who Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Is?

By Maxjulian

May 2, 2006

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Dr. Welsing is an amazing family therapist in the Washington, DC area who I have had the great fortune to see twice. She is the author of the incredible, “Isis Papers.” While I don’t agree with every word she’s written (and that could be a reflection of my current inability to understand it), Dr. Welsing is an amazing, brilliant, Black Woman. She’s a freedom fighter, a liberator. Why is she seemingly on the margins of OUR culture when what she says — in my humble opinion — is so relevant and REAL?!

Selected Quotes:

“The white personality, in the presence of color, can be stabilized only by keeping Blacks and other non-whites in obviously inferior positions. The situation of mass proximity to Blacks is intolerable to whites because Blacks are inherently more than equal. People of color always will have something highly visible that whites never can have or produce — the genetic factor of color. Always, in the presence of color, whites will feel genetically inferior.”

“They can compensate for their color inadequacy only by placing themselves in socially superior positions.”

“If hate and lack of respect are manifested towards others, hate and lack of respect are felt most often at deeper levels towards the self.”

“(The Cress) Color-Confrontation theory postulates that whites desired and still do desire sexual alliances with non-whites, both male and female, because it is only through this route that whites can achieve the illusion of being able to produce color…The extreme rage vented against even the idea of a sexual alliance between the Black male and the white female, which has long been a dominant theme in the white supremacy culture, is viewed by the Color-Confrontation theory as a result of the white male’s intense fear of the Black male’s capacity to fulfill the greatest longing of the white female — that of conceiving and birthing a product of color.”

“The C-C theory also explains why Black male’s testicles were the body parts that white males attacked in most lynchings: the testicles store powerful color-producing genetic material. Likewise, the repeated and consistent focus on the size of Black males’ penises by both white males and females is viewed by this theory as a displacement of the fundamental concern with the genetic color-producing capacity residing in the testicles. Since the fact of color-envy must remain repressed, color-desire can never be mentioned or the entire white psychological structure collapses.”

12 Responses to “Do YOU Know Who Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Is?”

  1. Very instressing, but schtoopid! The “color theory” of racial confrontation is all wrong. Cress-Welsing is no freedom fighter, either. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Freedom fighters are not stand alone forces. Nobody can fight for freedom alone, nor without recognizing others who have fought for freedom. The greatest psychiatrist with an anti-colonial theory was Frantz Fanon, hands down. His work forms the classical texts for understanding the psyche inflamed by racist prejudice. Another is E Franklin Frazier. Cress-Welsing is nowhere near their league. You would better reference Na’im Akbar, who is in the tradition of those giants, and no opportunist, at that.

    To repeat, the “color theory” is all wrong! Racism is concentrated class oppression. I kno that is a difficult concept to grasp. However, it is scientific and not subjective. Cress-Welsing has a 100% subjective analysis of the racial problem. If the color theory were correct, racial antagonism would be natural but it is political and economic. If it were natural, race traitors would exist in the same context that one rat will thro another to the cat. Ever hear of that happening? NO! Because natural enemies have a response based in brain chemistry. Racism is not based in that. It is based in politics and economics, which makes it a class problem. GET THAT THRU YOUR HEADS, PEOPLE! Peace.

    • yo bro,dr. francess cress welsing do not need me defending her theory,howver,i think you were saying the same things she is saying about racism and oppression,it’s political-economical,as well social.therefore stop all the negitive rhetoric and join in the fight against white world domination ….hotep

  2. Scientists don’t bring subjectivism to their analysis? How do they manage that? I respect a scientist that admits that they are being subjective; in my mind, it makes them more honest and likely to catch their prejudices because they are aware of them.

    Your thesis seems to hinge on the words “subjective” and “natural,” words that the European uses to pretend a disinterested, detached perspective. And that it usually is, detached from reality.

    I ain’t buyin’ your take, homes, or your bombing Dr. Welsing. I’ve actually sat across from her for two therapy sessions and she is a brilliant woman. And for realz, no one is denying the class element of oppression, not even her. Welsing simply concentrates on the “mutation” into another, more powerful dynamic…that many don’t want to recognize, including us.

  3. It’s all good, my brother. I’ve been onto Frances Cress-Welsing since like 1981 around the time I heard of “The Color Theory of Racial Confrontation”. But I mean to say her take on it is totally subjective. Not just a little. TOTALLY.

    Anyway, just applying the logical outcome of any color theory, from the Curse of Ham on thru the Willie Lynch Speech (which all started with the crackers) to the Legend of Yakub and Cress-Welsing’s pseudotherapeutic hypothesis, Europeans and Africans are not natural enemies. If so, why is Paul Kagame on they side? Or Colin Powell and Clarence Thom-ass and Condoleeza, for that matter? What about John Brown or Ulysses S. Grant or Che Guevara? Cress-Welsing’s a-historical approach just doesn’t fit with the real story, it only sits well with those who believe in a myth.

    Frantz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral were two of Africa’s greatest anti-colonial freedom fighters in the Twentieth Century, both married to white women. Explain that. They didn’t fix the problem in Algeria (Fanon) or Guinea-Bissau (Cabral) via psychotherapy. Nope! They done it by revolution! Revolt! Uprising and fighting back. So you can keep going to therapy here in America, but there are those of us who will rise up against Imperialism and eventually destroy it.

    …A class analysis is useless unless you can anticipate what will replace it. Can you imagine a system without capitalism? Without Imperialism and banks and corporations? Imagine that! Then you will see the expansive gulf between what Cress-Welsing wants to achieve and what revolutionary thinkers and organizers have set out to do. Until she gets off her high horse and discusses Fanon (also a psychotherapist) plus E Franklin Frazier (“The Black Bourgeoisie”) and Harold Cruse (“Crisis of the Negro Intellectual”) you may never grasp what I’m is about on the class question. Peace.

    • My view of reading history is that colonizing of the world of color came about at about the same time as capitalistic system. I tend to believe that white supremacy is inextricable from capitalism. Do whites (that is, those most in recent time), for example, from Europe not benefit most from the inequality created for them to exist? I’m sorry, but it’s a done deal. However absurd it is, because people who are “whites” control the major institutions of learning, punishment, and money-handling, white supremacy exists. Why is it inconsistent that we cannot have both, capitalism and white supremacy? Is it because of reason. Should supersede not believe our “lying eyes,” just because it would be best? Best for whom? Which is it easier to see, a bank account or physical characteristics, such as skin, hair texture, the shape of one’s lips and nose? I that it’s more difficult to follow the money. In other words, you might sound smart, more objective, unfortunately (for you, or those who believe, in facts always speak for themselves, based on how evidence functions, you are wrong. I used to believe that it had to be one or the other, class or race. Only now I realize that since most “blacks” have no where near the wealth of their assumed counterparts. In other words, white have both. They are at the top of the “so-called” racial order, and they have control over the institutions which define reality

  4. Are you people insane? The founders of psychiatry are rolling in their graves listening to your ignorant ass analysis of the white man. Tell yourselves whatever it is that you need to. The fact is, you are the blight the disease that infects this planet. Civilization peaked under the white man’s control. Notice it’s decline as minorities become more prevalant? That’s not coincidence, it’s a symptom of your mere presence. You are a stain on everything that is good in this world. Your genetics are a parasite that cannot just be scraped off in order to clean up the human gene pool. Look at yourself and know that you are disgusting in the eyes of every white person that has any sense of dignity and self-worth. Do everyone a favor and hold a mass suicide. Then we can watch documentaries in celebration on the History Channel.

    I’m just saying what a lot of people are thinking.

    • Chris VanDevender–

      No matter what your sick, evil demon white race has tried to and still tries to do to steal from and destroy the Black Race in Africa and America, you have failed and will continue to fail. Almighty God is always in charge and will not allow your kind to destroy His People. Now, you go run along fast and get that sun tan you and your people desperately seek and need. LOL

  5. When I was younger I thought she was crazy with her theory. However, open your eyes. Anywhere you have white and black on the planet, you have the same situation you have in the U.S. This is for a reason. Also, look into the newerst social psychology reasaerch. Google for example: “Babies are racist” and you may change your mind about Welsing. Now I am not saying she is 100% correct, but she is on to something. White at the top, black at the bottom from the U.S. to Brazil, to Austraila and on and on—not by coincidence. It seems too bizaree to have truth to it, but indeed truth is stranger than fiction. The entire world has a problem with color. WHY. It’s beyond a mere class issue, otherwise everyone would not be hating black on every continenet in the world.

  6. Dr. Frances, I love your theories. Your work keeps me motivated and aware; honestly your work keep the entire next generation of black nationalists motivated and aware. I tell everyone I know to watch you on youtube and to read anything you have written or have taken part in. You are the epitome of what it means to see, know, and speak the truth about white people in relation o black, brown, red, yellow people all around the globe. I hope I can meet you one day…. til then I will gladly aid you in freeing these modern day slaves…

  7. A lot of Frances Cress Welsing’s theories are just.. batshit insane.

    Light skin evolved out of a need to take in more sunlight (Vitamin D) in less sunny northern climes – like those in Europe thousands of years ago. Were you to stick a black person up there, they’d quickly become sick due vitamin deficiency.

    Granted, it’s not such a big deal now with over-the-counter vitamins and artificially enriched foods, etc. But back in the day it made a big difference.

    If you don’t believe me, google the “world skin colour map”.

    Welsing is just nuts. Sorry. I’ve never had any issue with black people, and even dated a black girl back in the day. I did this because we shared interests, not because of some deeply-seated inferiority complex that Welsing postulates.

    I just wish that crazy people would stop pretending to do science.

  8. Well, all I will say is that if it’s so all wrong, then white folks need to explain their hate for blacks. I live in the US Virgin Islands and everything that lady says in her book is correct. Truly, the white personality can be stabilized only by keeping Blacks in inferior postitons. and where in the Caribbean they are outnumbered, they try to use their genes to “breed out” the non-white populations.

    Great going there Dr. Welsing.

  9. Just to confirm the Sandy comment, about the caribbean. And I wish CAribbean folk would stop hiding from their scars when they come to the US and let the Diaspora know the truth down here. In the Caribbean, as Marcus said sooooooo long ago there is the Buffer Zone, these brown, light bright damn near white folk (like my family) who embrace Latino Apartheid to shit on Black Skinned People. This is not new to new world, as my family is part Hindo where Brahminism was invented the caste/varna system with Melanin Skinned ppl at the bottom.
    Just by TALKING about this TABOO is enough, me thinks coz then while the majority will say something but do nothing, a minority of committed artists and activits will come thru as in Rasta in JA, as Jamaica before Rasta was caste conscious white supremacy christian society (see In Search of Identity written in 1950’s!). Thank you for Scar Swopping online!

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