Sea Change

By Maxjulian

May 2, 2006

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No Somos Criminales
May 1, 2006 March in Portland, OR, USA

My legs are tired. My brain is tired. I’m laughing though.

I went with a neighbor from El Salvador and two other friends from Chile and her son. We caught athe 14 bus and then walked over to SW Mill and SW Park on the PSU campus. We arrived around noon just in time to hear the last speaker or two and then begin the march.

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This isn’t directed at YOU 🙂 but rather, those of us who claim to want to change things and the issues that aren’t dealt with:

Why is the focus “illegal immigration” when we have an illegal President, an illegal government, a warmongering, military? My objection is that implicit in the marches is that SOMEBODY else is going to step in and solve the problem. A protest is designed to “demonstrate.” Demonstrate to who? Who is the object that is being appealed to?

I ask this because if you don’t have a master or a superior, or a parent who will do it for you — then you do it for yourself. You become the leader, the legislator, the police officer, the policy maker. And you arrest the “criminals” who are stealing your country blind.

The majority of folks – activists, lefties, progressives – are children who do not BELIEVE that they have the right to take their country back. Until WE believe, our marches will not be inspiration, but delusion, delusional. They will continue to raise, then lower the hopes and spririts of people until, even a march will be too much work. History is a good teacher of what real change means in times like these. Its unfortunate that so few have read and understood it.

A good beginning is the history of the resistance of (some) of the French to Nazis overruning their country. We have the same problem:

The men and women of these resistance groups risked everything for their beliefs. In order to become a member of the French resistance groups they went under many tests of character. One being to see if they would kill a fellow member thought to be a traitor. The gun would be empty but the test was to see if they would pull the trigger. These tests of character were incredibly important to the cause. Members had to be strong willed and not driven by pure emotion, meaning that their emotions could not get in the way of reaching their goal. Many were put on the hit lists of the Gestapo, but that did not stop them; their need for the killing to end just grew stronger.

The members of the resistance groups are heroes. Not only do survivors owe them their lives but their children and generations to come shall remember their heroic deeds.

Will generations to come remember us for our heroic deeds or our cowardly ones?

One Response to “Sea Change”

  1. max!!!

    you always put out such thought provoking posts!!!!

    I read this post over twice, because i want to be sure that i am reading it the right way.

    first off, i agree with your initial thoughts–why are we focusing on “illegal” human beings and not an illegal war, and illegal president an illegal government. it’s about damn time somebody said it–because i haven’t been able to formulate this thought myself, but it’s what i’ve been subconsciously thinking. so you brought a lot of relief to my befuddled brain with that!!!

    The part where i disagree is about the french revolutionaries. using violence to change things has been proven over and over and over agian to be harmful for women of color. For example, anna mae pictuo aquash. she was a part of the american indian movement, who had similar “tests” and challenges to be a part of the inner circle. but the problem was, the inner circle was a reproduction of sexist heirarchies that postion native women specifically and women of color generally as expendable. so when an informer infiltrated the group, the first one “tested” was anna mae. she was shot in the head, and it is suspected that she was raped and tortured before she was shot. I can’t endorse something based on being tested by violence because that means 9 times out of 10 that it is me whose gonna get my ass shot or raped. but the thing is, women of color have provided a multitude of ways to organize without depending on violence as a tool of control. but the various ways that they have come up with are based on “feminine” values (and i quote feminine because although women have been asigned these roles, i don’t think we are the only ones capable of performing them), such as teamwork, consensous voting, and creating a certian type of dependence upon each other rather than “testing”…in other words, rather than “testing” they would use shunning or ostrisizing. yeah, it may not carry the destructive power of murder, but at the same time, say that anna mae did inform the FBI. i don’t believe for one minute she did, but lets say for this case that she did. First off, if the “feminine” value of community building had been recognized and implemented, there would have been a much much greater chance of social monitering, and as such, members of the community recognizing that hey, anna mae’s been acting funny lately, and she’s been disappearing for hours at a time…what’s going on? and in the case of an actual betrayal–if at that point, the person has become heavily dependent on free childcare, free pot luck meals, regular conversation with others like her, not to mention the protection living in a community offers–how easy is it going to be to not just walk away from that, but to be banished forever? which is not to say that banishment isn’t a problematic issue–we aren’t in the days any more where you kick somebody out of the community and they’ll be dead in a month because they don’t have shelter, clothing or food. but at the same time, once you banish a person, if you have a community set up, you can then pass the word–for example, you not only banish the person, but have a rotating community of people who follow this person and set up camp where ever he/she goes, and let each new community know what this person has done. for example, one guy raped his daughter, and being who he was, he escaped punishment from the law, so a bunch of women organized and followed him around to wherever he was giving speeches (he’s a prof) and protested at his speech. so boom, the entire academic community now has to deal with the fact that they have a rapist in their midst. and although you’re always gonna have your pricks who are gonna side with the guy no matter what, There’s also always a bunch of good people who will ignore, shame, ostrisize and otherwise make this man’s life difficult. you know?
    but to get to the point where this sort of thing is possible to it’s fullest maximum affect, i really and truely believe we have to dismiss the idea that violence is beneficial for every member of the community, and start doing good old grassroots community basebuilding…women’s work!!!

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