“I Loves YOU, Baby, Like You Was a 100%!”

My little girl is half-white, which means she’s 100% NIGGA! I ran up on this website, “On the Verge of Dating White Women” and this post which has tons of resonance — if you’re worried about yo’ baby’s ‘Ivory momma’ fucking up your beautiful black child. Funny, but true:

When just being Black ain’t enough!

I gotta admit, the mind is a mother’. I’ve always fantasized about being the Blackest dude ever and now I have no choice…

Yes, my son lives with his mother and her white boyfriend… so that means I have to be “The Equalizer.” Meaning: I gotta balance that shit out. In other words my crib is the “BLACKEST HOUSE…”

1. Where we can’t watch television programs dominated by white people.
2. Where The NBA is background scenery.
3. Where no white girls venture.
4. Where we cheer for Black boxers and we get mad when they get their asses beat.
5. Where any song at anytime can be a quiz, “Who’s this rapping?” or “Spell Luther Vandross.”
6. Where I drink EVERYTHING out of my Shaka Zulu Mug.
7. Where I have the largest collection of Black action figures.
8. Where I drive the original white OJ Simpson SUV
9. Where I live on Martin Luther King Jr. Way
10. Where I have 2 over sized autographed Public Enemy artifacts
11. Where almost every wall has a different African mask.
12. Where the Blackest Black Man Ever Resides!

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