The Hollywood Story George Clooney Failed to Mention

Hollywood has made ten thousand movies about THE Holocaust in Germany; by comparison, the home-grown genocidal behavior of white folks here (and HERE is much closer than Germany) in other words, OUR HOLOCAUST, is rarely portrayed, and if so, terribly watered down. (“Roots” made massa look positively life affirming. His record of deeds was far less so.) We’ve never even gotten to the Native Holocaust. (I guess, “Dances With Wolves”, which focused on the white man, will have to do.)

Here is an alternate, narrow view of one aspect of American minority relations:

“A lynching consisted of:

(1) a notice to other whites in neighboring towns, so they could witness the lynching;

(2) a huge spectacle with thousands watching (kinda like a protest)

(3)the burning of the victim, usually a male, at the stake, after first being exposed to hours of wrathful pain, known as “surgery below the belt;” and, as if that wasn’t bad enough;

(4) the “observers” took parts of the mutilated body as souvenirs and took pictures for post cards.

When WE gon’ tell this story?!

From: African American Holocaust”

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