More Wonderbread

By Maxjulian

May 15, 2006

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BFP: There’s an Associated Press article on the backpage (how appropriate) of this morning’s Oregonian: “Inauguration marks final step in Haiti’s return to democracy.”

WTF?! Return to democracy? They had a democracy when Aristide was President. And who removed him from office? The United States. Where, I ask, was the outpouring of support, the relentless marches and “actions” to overturn this clearly brazen coup d’etat that was cooked up in Washington, DC and carried out by elements of the US and Haitian military, and UN “Peace Keepers?”

Haiti is in OUR hemisphere, and it ain’t Iraq, but it is BLACK! Perhaps this is why this article (barely IN the Oregonian) is on the backpage. AND, perhaps the DEAFENING silence from the white left on injustice found in the inner cities and suburbs (Haiti) of America is related to the color of the people’s skin, the white left’s racism and their desire not to go too far with this protest thing. I mean, ‘radical chic’ is all well and good, but actually affecting change? Nah!

They speak with forked tongue, Sista. We have to check each other when we get too close to white folks’ thinking around these issues. The epidermis has to be peeled to get at the deeper truths, the truer truths.

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