White Supremacy IS Race War.

Posted by Josh@TheCode.Net:


Substitute counter racist words and definitions to compensate for the words and definitions the White supremacists give you.


White supremacy IS race war. Racist man and racist woman do most of their work (racism) using words; it is only when they can no longer deceive you with words that they come at you directly with VIOLENCE.

When you use the term non-white instead of “people of color”

When you use the term racism White supremacy instead of “hate”

When you use the term counter racism instead of “empowerment”

You are practicing counter war.

Words are the tools we use to think with. Whomever controls your words, controls your thoughts.

And whomever controls your thoughts controls your actions. And whomever controls your actions controls you.

Using counter racist terms and definitions instead of the ones the White supremacists give you is something an individual VOR can decide to do at a place and time of his or her choice to counter the White supremacists in the 9th area of people activity (war).


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