From The (Mis)Informant

By Maxjulian

May 22, 2006

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The Informant said…

Umm…damn. That was long. But this is my comment to your post. While I agree with some of the things you said, what are we to do about our people killing each other. Where does our responsibility lie? Yes, there is racism from the other said. Yes they have tried to rape, murder and pillage our lives. But what about our own black men and women that do it to each other. When is that gonna change. Malcolm himself (and this not a quote) believed that we need to change the problems within our own community first. So my question is when does that happen?

Mis: The concept of “concision” on the network news, as a form of covert censorship has been discussed by a number of media analysts (Chomsky). I don’t want or need to censor myself; this isn’t CNN and I don’t have commercials. The issues I discuss don’t make Charlie Rose or the evening news…so I run them here for your viewing (dis)pleasure. If your attention span is that short, stick with MTV.

NOW, to your question. They (white people) have not “TRIED” to do anything – they have successfully fucked us up. And we are continuing to be kept down, retarded, degraded. How do we treat our wounds when we keep receiving MORE of them all the time? We’re trying to stop the bleeding that began centuries ago, but they keep putting new holes in us. Yes, we have been programmed and now WE mimic our oppressor with rampant sexism/internalized racism, slicing and dicing each other.

I submit that if the disease is attacked, we can manage the symptoms. Attacking symptoms that will continuously be reproduced by the ever-morphing, manifest disease, refurbished and rehabbed into newer, more efficient forms of oppression is ludicrous. History shows that when we do strike out on our own and attempt to create our own viable institutions, attempt to heal our communities – the Racist/White Supremacist DESTROYS that invention. They destroy our utopian experiments, they crush our independence and autonomy – because white folks require an “Other,” an inferior, a nigger to maintain their illusion of superiority. Read some history, SISTAH!

As long as we are subject to a SYSTEM that controls our thoughts and actions, we will continue to play out scenes that THEY have written for US. AND, they will – like they did with Black Wallstreet, with the Panthers – shoot up, burn down or bomb our dreams. Can you understand that? We must address the overarching system because IT is dedicated to seeing us destroy ourselves if we will not submit and mammy them like a good nigga should. We must continue to create new institutions and paradigms within our communities, foster positive YET truthful relationships among and between each other – bearing in mind our attempts to change will be attacked from within and without. You have heard of the “Willie Lynch Syndrome, qui?”

What are YOU doing to further our race?

5 Responses to “From The (Mis)Informant”

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